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XO Skeleton - protection for the entire face

23 August 2023

THERE ARE many environments where it’s advisable or even essential to protect your eyes and numerous different forms of protective eyewear are readily available. However, sometimes it’s also necessary to protect your entire face.

Your eyes, nose and mouth are all extremely sensitive and vulnerable to airborne particles, debris or even liquid splash, all of which may be present in an industrial environment. Plus, the skin of your face is more delicate than other parts of your body and should also be shielded from possible harm.

XO Skeleton is an extremely effective, lightweight face shield with an integral moulded polycarbonate visor to keep you fully protected. The one-piece visor has fantastic optical quality which delivers a complete panoramic field of vision. Curvature to each side of the face and beneath the chin ensure maximum shielding from all angles.

Comfort is of utmost importance, especially when working in potentially hazardous areas. That’s why the part of this shield that’s in contact with your body is made from the softest terry-cloth material. It not only acts as a cushion, it also absorbs any moisture or perspiration and draws it away from your skin. You can also fine-tune for optimum secure fit using the ratchet adjustment system. Plus, for extra convenience, replacement visors are available so it’s not necessary to purchase a complete new unit if it should become damaged.

Complete with MCR Safety’s premium anti-fog (N) coating that prevents misting in the toughest conditions, this is a practical and utilitarian item of PPE for full face protection in a hazardous workplace.

Find out more about XO Skeleton on the MCR Safety Website:

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