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Mantis-D work glove – leaves no residue on clean surface

27 February 2024

MCR SAFETY has recently launched a glove with a ground-breaking new coating formula. The company says it's technologically advanced Nitrile micro-foam won’t leave residue on clean surfaces.

The unique encapsulated structure of the Nitrile prevents residue leakage that could contaminate clean surfaces. This is incredibly useful and appeals to many industries that need a clean handling glove. It’s proving to be particularly attractive throughout the glass industry.

The glove is called Mantis-D and as the name suggests, it has cut level ‘D’ protection which is high on the EN388 cut rating scale.  This level of cut-resistance is desirable across many industrial applications where hazardous objects and materials are present.

Additional reinforcement between thumb and forefinger protects the most vulnerable part of the hand. This alongside other benefits such as powerful grip and great dexterity, make the glove highly compatible with handling not only glass, but many other hazardous materials.

The glass industry has already embraced Mantis-D and it’s become the incumbent glove for many manufacturers and glazing suppliers.

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