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Keep working hands warm this winter

10 February 2021

WHEN YOUR daily work routine involves being outside in the winter or in a cold environment it’s vital to keep your hands warm and fully functioning.

You can’t work efficiently when you’re too cold and normal gloves are not the answer - you need specialist winter hand protection.

Get the right specialist hand protection for you...

MCR Safety has the technology to produce specialist gloves for the cold that keep hands warm, insulated, protected and comfortable.

You may need varying levels of protection depending on the particular task or the nature of your work. The gloves in our range each offer a set of slightly different protective properties. You should consider the task you’re carrying out and your environment and decide which glove is best for you.


A nylon glove with HTP coating and a cosy terry towelling lining. Protection from the cold with great, flexibility, dexterity and comfort.

The HTP coating has a Sponge-Touch finish for outstanding grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. It’s seamless, breathable and also sanitised for great hand hygiene.

Designed for precision handling tasks in very cold environments both indoors and out.

CE Standards:
EN388:2016 3231X
EN511: X2X


If you need cut protection Zestos is the glove for you. It’s a thermally insulated work glove with a warm fleecy lining, a water-resistant outer and a level of cut protection not normally associated with a winter glove.

Its finely textured surface repels water droplets and provides powerful wet and dry grip. On the interior, the super-soft, micro-fleece lining is incredibly comfortable.

Ideal for industrial protection in winter conditions.

CE Standards:
EN388:2016 2X42C
EN511: X1X

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