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The importance of every-day hand protection

19 July 2023

YOUR HANDS are without doubt the most valuable tool you have; they’re versatile, strong, always by your side and like your best friend, they’ll never let you down.

However, they’re also precious, sensitive and you only get one pair to last your entire life. That’s why getting the correct hand protection for your specific working environment is so important.

The need for safety gloves is obvious when working with heavy machinery, cutting equipment or handling sharp abrasive objects but what about everyday tasks? They can lead to injury too, bumps and scrapes happen all the time but if you’re wearing the correct gloves, you’ll be protected. You need a great pair of general handling gloves.

Olba - General Handling Hero!

MCR Safety has an extensive range of work gloves for many different hazards across most industrial sectors. Olba is a popular and well-established general handling glove; often called the ‘General Handling Hero’!

Part of the Tornado Gloves portfolio, this striking bright red glove has developed a strong following in many industries including construction, automotive, aerospace and factory assembly line.

Maximum abrasion resistance for manual handling

Olba has the highest possible level of protection against abrasion so it’s ideal when the environment is dominated by harsh abrasive surfaces and rough objects. It’s also flexible and dexterous so precision handling tasks are easy. Good grip is another asset, even when oil and grease are present. This great all-rounder delivers reliable hold for the grasping and lifting of all manner of things.

The elasticity and fine, seamless construction ensure ease of movement so hands can operate freely without constraint. Plus, alongside these practical properties, Olba is extremely breathable so it can be worn throughout the day in great comfort.

To find out more about Olba you can visit the MCR Safety Website or make enquiries by phone or via email at:

+44 (0) 1922 457 421

You can also contact their team for information or even to arrange a trial.