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CT1068PU - High cut protection with no harsh fibres

13 July 2022

MANY CUT resistant gloves found on today’s market are fortified with harsh fibres such as steel or glass fibre. It's a very effective way of making a cut resistant glove but these fibres tend to break down with heavy use due to the brittle nature of their structure.

They become fractured causing particles to break free and make contact with the skin. This can cause discomfort for the wearer and also reduce the cut-resistant performance of the glove. CT1068PU is different and here’s why:

No Harsh Fibres!

CT1068PU is one of the latest additions to MCR Safety’s Cut Protection Range. It’s manufactured using a high-tech 13.-gauge HPPE blended yarn. It offers high-level cut ‘D’ protection without the use of any harsh fibres like steel of glass fibre. The yarn used in this glove is soft, breathable and comfortable for all day wear.

The glove is highly flexible, ideal for manual handling yet also robust and durable to cope with the demands of an industrial environment.

Comfort & Wearability…

The fine PU coating extends over the palm and fingers, leaving the back of the glove uncoated for breathability. This soft and supple coating is designed to enhance dexterity without detracting from the flexibility of the glove. It has a slightly textured finish which delivers strong and reliable grip even in oily conditions.

The glove is sanitised as part of the manufacturing process which adds to the high level of comfort and wearability.

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