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Electroflex high-cut resistant work gloves

23 March 2022

THERE ARE three members of the Electroflex family, all from Tornado Gloves which is a brand within the MCR Safety portfolio. They’re designed for cut protection and each has a slightly different set of protective properties.

Electroflex HD

Advanced innovations in yarn and coating, applied in partnership to create hand protection which is both cut resistant and dexterous.

The extreme strength of the yarn and its unique composition means that Electroflex HD achieves level ‘C’ for cut protection and the high-density polyurethane coating provides strong grip and additional abrasion resistance.

EN388: 2016 4443C

Electroflex 5 FTR

A revolutionary addition to the yarn composition enables this glove achieve level ‘D’ in the cut resistance scale and the high-density PU coating guards against abrasion.

Electroflex 5 FTR also has ballistic reinforcement between thumb and forefinger which makes it ideal for use in hazardous industrial environments.

EN388:2016 4X43D

Electroflex Pro

This glove is manufactured using Tornado’s unique blended high-tenacity UHMWPE fibre yarn with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which is then dual wrapped with nylon and spandex filament to achieve high cut-resistance.

High-density PU coating and the addition of a thumb crotch reinforcement give this glove its fortitude even in harsh working conditions.

EN388:2016 4X43C

Protective Eyewear

MCR Safety also specialise in protective eyewear, both prescription and non-prescription.

BearKat is a one-piece wraparound unit available with clear, grey or indoor/outdoor lens options and its intelligent construction combines excellent safety, comfort, and value for money.

Hornet has a dynamic, wasp-like frame, the height of modernity in eyewear design. Close fitting with adjustable strap. An insert allows for your own prescription lenses in single vision, bi-focal or vari-focal to be fitted. 

Just two examples from an extensive range if safety glasses. If you would like to find out more about protective eyewear or gloves from MCR Safety, their experts are ready to answer questions and possibly even arrange a free trial for your team.

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