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At MCR Safety, we have been innovators in the manufacture and supply of safety gloves and eyewear for well over 60 years. Proud of our rich heritage, MCR Safety is a global provider of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), having offices in the UK, USA, Africa and Asia.

Our products are not just designed for protection, they are built to look and feel great. Providing you with the reassurance that we know you require from all PPE products. Whatever your working environment, our technologies and product knowledge will give you confidence no matter what challenges occur.

Working closely with all of our partners, whether its locally, nationally or globally we will help you implement the most appropriate PPE solutions for your specific working environments. For us, it is not just about supplying you with a product, it is the supporting services that enrich your experience as a true partner of MCR Safety.





Prescription Safety Eyewear

Over 20 different prescription safety eyewear models, manufactured in our own optical lab. All CE and kitemark certified.

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Our paperless online ordering solution for your prescription safety eyewear programme, with full history, tracking and traceability.

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COOLMAX fibre safety gloves

Safety gloves which keep your hands naturally cool and dry. Available with PU, Nitrile Foam and Latex coatings.

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