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Cardinus Risk Management Limited

The health issues with temporary homeworking


AS COVID-19 has left millions working from home across the globe, Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO, discusses some of the health issues associated with temporary homeworking.

HSM Guest Blog

Getting the most out of your marketing post COVID-19


Rachel McHugh, Managing Director at creative marketing and PR agency, Clear B2B – Construction Marketing Awards’ ‘Agency of the Year’ – shares her thoughts on how those in the building and construction industry can get the most out of their marketing activity post-COVID-19.

Health & Safety Matters

Fit2Fit and Face Fitting


Alan Murray, CEO, BSIF, warns that a strategic approach to face fitting is essential as the UK emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

HSM Guest Blog

Are employers responsible for homeworkers?


Employers have a legal duty of care for the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. Chris Salmon looks at how to mitigate risk.

HSM Guest Blog

Are your employees at risk?


WORLD GLAUCOMA Week takes place from 8 to 14 March this year and its goal is to encourage everyone to have regular eye tests so glaucoma can be detected as early as possible. It is a joint global initiative between the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patient Committee.

HSM Guest Blog

The holy grail of construction


Will Woodhead gives an insight into how technology is helping to solve problems in the construction industry.

HSM Guest Blog

Five simple solutions for site safety


To ensure the best health and safety practice on your site this winter, Andrew Egerton has identified five simple outdoor health and safety solutions you can implement during this cold, dark season.

HSM Guest Blog

Technology transforms safety


Improving safety isn’t just about reducing workplace risks within industrial and process environments; it’s also about safeguarding neighbouring communities and environments. Matt DeLorenzo, business director for Safety io, an MSA Safety company, explains how technology is improving safety via a transformation of the way safety devices are managed, and how operator safety is monitored while at work.

HSM Guest Blog

Essential health and safety tips


AS AN employer, it’s important to keep on top of health and safety legislation; The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAW or the HSW) was introduced in 1974 and acts as the main piece of legislation signed by Parliament to protect employees in the workplace from injury or death.

HSM Guest Blog

Fall protection cost-cutting: a step too far?


PREVENTING ACCIDENTS from falls relies on all stakeholders using an informed, joined-up approach to practices and systems. James Sainsbury, Fall Protection Sales leader for MSA Safety, explains why a holistic approach to safety is needed, and highlights the potential risks of making ill-informed changes to a defined safety system specification.