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Gas leak hazards: the development of safety and sustainable strategies


Refrigeration gas plays a critical role in many facilities and in many sectors, most commonly in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These systems operate to maintain equipment’s cooling or heating capacity. Shaun Evers discusses the inherent risks of refrigerant leaks, ongoing health and safety concerns, and the latest gas detection and alarm system technology that leading businesses are adopting.

HSM Guest Blog

Rent or buy?


Richard Ryan explores the case for renting over buying safety equipment.

HSM Guest Blog

The forgotten risk to safety


EMPLOYERS ARE still responsible for the health and safety of their workers while they work from home, which is particularly relevant as many still do so due to the pandemic. Charlotte Dowson looks at their legal responsibilities.

HSM Guest Blog

Avoidable cases of negligence that caused harm


WORRYING ABOUT damaging our health at work should be the least of anyone’s problems. When going to a place of work, we should be guaranteed safety regardless of the situation. However, in cases of negligence, employers can fail to properly protect their employees. Here, Lucy Victoria Desai looks at companies that failed to protect their employees.

HSM Guest Blog

Cognitive bias and defending health and safety investigations


MUCH IS now understood about cognitive bias and the implications for decision-making. Unfortunately, that understanding is rarely applied in the criminal justice process, says Tom McNeill.

HSM Guest Blog

Time to face facts


Carl Waring looks at five accident at work facts that every employer should know.

HSM Guest Blog

Six steps to improve mental well-being in the workplace


AWARENESS OF the importance of good mental health at work is growing, but action is also important; CHAS shares some steps for improving mental well-being in the workplace:

HSM Guest Blog

Top tips for returning to the workplace


COUNTRIES AROUND the world are at different stages of their coronavirus response. Many are still in the grip of lockdown, but some are starting to look at how to re-emerge from it.  Ius Laboris, the world’s largest HR and employment law firm alliance has listed some general tips  to help manage the process of getting staff safely back to the workplace.

HSM Guest Blog

What is Mesothelioma Awareness Day?


MESOTHELIOMA AWARENESS Day takes place on September 26, and was established in hopes of increasing general awareness around the debilitating disease that is mesothelioma.

Cardinus Risk Management Limited

The health issues with temporary homeworking


AS COVID-19 has left millions working from home across the globe, Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO, discusses some of the health issues associated with temporary homeworking.