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Dynamic risk assessment for a COVID-world 11/11/2020

CARDINUS RISK Management, an AmWins Group company, has developed a unique training model, SOAP, that provides employees with the tools to measure and mitigate risk in relation to working in a COVID-world.

As a vaccine is finally mooted and organisations consider a 2021 with a reduced risk to COVID, there are serious concerns that health and safety managers will need to address now and during a transitional phase moving back to a workplace.

Employees working out on-site or travelling to and from a workplace, need to consider and weigh up their approach to risk. Coronavirus presents an invisible risk with a very real chance of exposure and ill-health. This is compounded when considering that employees may live with others who are vulnerable. For employers this presents a big risk. 

Right now, and looking towards a transitional phase returning to work in 2021, employees need to be able to dynamically assess their exposure to infection risk so that they can avoid contracting coronavirus. 

Cardinus is presenting this as a training model for organisations with two packages. A training course for staff and a train the trainer model, to enable organisations to share knowledge quickly across their entire workforce and to reinforce knowledge.

SOAP (Surface – Object – Area – People) is Cardinus' dynamic COVID risk assessment. The model helps identify places that are high risk and will help identify control measures that staff can use to lower their personal risk.

The methodology builds on the mnemonic SOAP. It’s a simple and effective teach model for this complex risk.

  • Surfaces – Risk from all surfaces

  • Objects – Risk assessing objects

  • Areas – Area assessments in a COVID environment

  • People – Assessing people and risks in the COVID environment

Commenting the model, Andy Neal, global security solutions director at Cardinus, stated, “COVID-19 has presented serious risks to organisations and their employees. Through this unique training model we’re empowering employees with the knowledge to mitigate their own risk through observation, awareness and risk assessment.

This is an exciting training model for organisations to reduce their exposure to risk and to train, through an engaging course, employees to remove the risk of contracting COVID. It helps both the employee and employer.”

For more information on Cardinus SOAP training, visit the Cardinus website, call 020 7469 0200 or email info@cardinus.com.

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Cardinus champions health and wellbeing 16/09/2020

CARDINUS HAS teamed up with innovative start-up Champion Health to bring new emphasis to the challenge of health and wellbeing in the UK workforce. Following a difficult year and with many changes in the workplace, this is more necessary than ever.

After using the Champion Health platform with their own staff, the team at Cardinus spotted an opportunity that would have a lasting impact by offering it to their customer base.

The partnership with Champion Health extends Cardinus’ profile to include a strong focus on mental health, wellbeing, diet and nutrition and sleep. 

Together with Champion Health, Cardinus can now bring a comprehensive range of health and safety solutions to customers, including powerful e-learning and risk assessment programmes in fields like ergonomics, fire safety, travel safety, fleet risk, and HR.

And with changes to the workplace following unprecedented disruption from COVID-19, the focus on employee health and wellbeing has never been clearer.

Over the course of the pandemic, both Champion Health and Cardinus Risk Management have aimed to support employers and employees to improve their wellbeing. 

The partners worked together to develop the Coronavirus Advice Tool, a digital advice platform to reduce risk and improve health due to Coronavirus. So far this has seen over 1,500 people register and has been viewed nearly 5,000 times.

Demand has also increased for Champion Health’s digital wellbeing assessment platform, up 1,000% since lockdown began, demonstrating the shift in workplace wellbeing from a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. This has led Champion Health to launch their highly-anticipated Champion Employer Scheme; an accreditation that recognises and rewards organisations who committed to making a difference to employee wellbeing.

Meanwhile Cardinus created their COVID-19 Health and Safety Hub, providing advice and guidance for organisations in dealing with the health and safety implications of COVID. The Hub reached over 20,000 people, with over 3,000 users taking advantage of the free resources to support their initiatives and improve health and safety.

Andy Hawkes, Cardinus Risk Management CEO, said of the partnership, “We are thrilled to be working closely with Harry and the Champion Health team to support clients who are looking for a simple online mental health and wellbeing solution to complement our ergonomics expertise.”

When asked about the partnership Harry Bliss said, “It’s a significant opportunity to partner with a world-leading company in workplace ergonomics. We know the impact that our approach to workplace health has and it’s great to be partnered with Cardinus as we both look to benefit people, businesses and society.”

Together Cardinus and Champion Health will ensure that health and wellbeing is given the prominence it deserves in organisations and will fill the gap left by traditional health and safety solution providers.

For more information visit www.cardinus.com 

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Cardinus becomes Corporate Member of CIEHF 03/09/2020

Cardinus Risk Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US headquartered, AmWINs Group, has become a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

Cardinus Risk Management are a leading risk management company, providing thousands of organisations globally with online ergonomics and safety training, risk assessment and risk reduction measures.

Commenting on the membership, Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO stated, “We have long admired the work of the CIEHF, and as a global leader in workstation and laboratory ergonomic e-learning, risk assessment, telephonic and on-site solutions we believe our membership will have significant mutual benefits”.

Cardinus’ Healthy Working software is used by 1,500 mid-to-large organisations across the world with over 3 million users in around 60 countries. Cardinus will soon launch a new industrial ergonomics software tool with 13 globally recognised assessments, called Healthy Working Pro. 

Jon Abbott, global ergonomics director added, “The expertise within the Institute and its membership will help us develop solutions that meet the future needs of our clients as the workplace changes and even more so, post-COVID-19.”

Dr. Noorzaman Rashid, chief executive of the CIEHF, stated, “Cardinus is a reputable risk and safety management business genuinely collaborating with professional bodies to make a difference for individuals. particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors was established in 1949 and are a founder of the International Ergonomics Society. The CIEHF promote integrated design to improve life, wellbeing and system performance. 

For more information about the ergonomics solutions Cardinus provide visit www.cardinus.com, or email info@cardinus.com.

To hear more about the Chartered Institute, visit www.ergonomics.org.uk. Dr. Noorzaman Rashid can be contacted onnoorzaman.rashid@ergonomics.org.uk.

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Longitude6 and Cardinus Risk Management form partnership 13/08/2020

Australian headquartered Longitude6 and UK-based Cardinus, have joined forces in the industrial ergonomics space to provide a suite of solutions for businesses looking to reduce their work-related injuries.

Solutions encompass sensor and 3D motion capture data, objective risk analysis and online ergonomics assessment. All proven to drive improvements and efficiencies in industrial ergonomics programmes.

Longitude6 was founded to bring the world’s best in class technology and solutions in injury prevention to your workplace. Our suite of technologies, objectively measure and map the real impact of physical and psychological stress on the body; giving you rapid diagnostics to ensure people are fit for work and are safely undertaking the tasks that they are allocated.

Cardinus is soon to launch its industrial ergonomics platform to help speed up ergonomics risk assessments allowing organisations to save time and manage industrial ergonomics data and assessments in one place.

Jon Abbott, Global Client and Ergonomics Director stated, “Together Cardinus and Longitude 6 form a suite of technology that can give client precise ergonomics data that saves lots of time in capturing, reporting and analysing data, so that expert ergonomists can spend more time on implementing interventions that make a real difference to people’s health.”

Longitude6 technology and Cardinus’ Healthy Working ergonomics platform can be implemented as standalone options that work alongside each other to provide efficient and objective risk assessments for your ergonomics programme and will soon be integrated to form an enterprise solution.

Mark Heaysman, Founder and CEO of Longitude 6 added, “we are delighted to be working with Cardinus, a recognised global leader in ergonomics software, who have seen the unique benefits and deliverables of our products and services, including the technologies that form part of the Longitude6 business . Together we are a formidable and compelling proposition for any client with manual operations.”

For more information on Cardinus or Longitude6, call 020 7469 0200 or email info@cardinus.com.

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Cardinus partners with Welbot 04/08/2020

Global health and safety organisation Cardinus has partnered with wellbeing tech company Welbot to provide customised wellbeing advice, support and engagement in the workplace.

Cardinus Risk Management are a leading software-driven health and safety risk management company, providing thousands of organisations in globally with online training, risk assessment and risk reduction measures.

The partnership with Welbot extends Cardinus’ profile to provide customers with novel technology to improve wellbeing initiatives and to look after health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Welbot’s platform ensures wellbeing programs succeed by giving advice and support to employees, easily gauging staff wellbeing, and encouraging engagement through a unique notification system.

Welbot’s software is directly installed on the user’s computer, allowing them to receive personalised wellbeing messaging and tailored daily exercises and alerts. 

Designed for office and remote workers, daily reminders support mood, mental health, nutrition and physical heath, while custom cards link to company wellbeing, benefits and EAP initiatives. 

Administrators get the benefit of on-screen analytics and compliance reporting to easily highlight the value for the organisation and can create and customise their own alerts and messages.

Andy Hawkes, Cardinus Risk Management CEO, said of the partnership, “We’re thrilled to partner with Welbot, an exciting, innovative company that is giving organisations a platform to really improve their health and wellbeing initiatives.

It not only gives great, workable advice, exercises and reminders, it also gives managers the insight and statistics that the Board are looking for in these types of programs.”

Mykay Kamara, Welbot CEO commented, “We are privileged to have partnered with Cardinus, a company providing world leading health and safety technology and services to a global clientele.

Welbot's unique health intervention technology extends the ability of Cardinus to deliver innovative and transformative solutions to their clients.”

For more information on Cardinus’ health and safety expertise, or for information on Welbot, call 020 7469 0200 or email info@cardinus.com.

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The health issues with temporary homeworking 22/07/2020

AS COVID-19 has left millions working from home across the globe, Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO, discusses some of the health issues associated with temporary homeworking.

Managing ergonomics in our traditional workplace is relatively easy. We know how people work and, subject to the nuances associated with agile environments, employees usually have a desk, a computer and a five-castor chair.

Now that people are working from home, we are adapting quickly to a wider variety of working habits and postures with colleagues working from the sofa, the dining room table or kitchen stool.

But it’s not just physical discomfort. Our mental health and wellbeing are being exposed to stresses too.

From uncomfortable workspaces and ad hoc childcare, to the anxieties and frustrations of work during a pandemic, our overall health has likely never been more fragile. 

With COVID-19 still around many employers are reluctant to immediately bring colleagues back to the workplace. In the medium- to long-term, it’s likely many of us will remain homeworkers, or adopt a much more flexible working routine, with agile working and home working becoming the norm.

With this in mind, what support should employers be providing to those working from home?

At-home workstations

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has advised that the measures workforces have had to adapt to are ‘temporary’ and therefore employers do not have to complete at-home workstation assessments.

However, legal advice from Pinsent Masons, published 9th April, goes on to show that the question of what is temporary will become more open as time goes on. We’re now in July, and we don’t see employers rushing employees back to the office any time soon. 

Therefore, you must take your requirements under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 seriously, and begin, if you haven’t already, undertaking DSE workstation assessments for your ‘temporary’ homeworkers.

To manage discomfort, employers should seek to encourage employees to take breaks of at least 5 minutes per hour, avoid awkward, static postures, stretch regularly and change focus or blink from time to time to minimise eye fatigue – and, importantly, provide support and training for homeworkers.

If employers are looking at greater numbers working from home in the future, ergonomic equipment and furniture may also help.

Impact on Home Workers

As people’s lives have been distributed there are many challenges employees face. From working at home with children, to disabled workers struggling with a lack of help from support workers. 

And, many employees may live alone. This can increase the risk to an employee’s wellbeing, mental health and ability to respond to emergencies.

The key elements to support home workers during COVID-19 are:

  • Identification of home workers and their vulnerabilities

  • Good top-down and inter-team communication

  • Monitoring those who are vulnerable and implementing daily ‘check-in’ procedures

But, we have all felt bowled over by COVID-19. It has dramatically changed our lives, and while things may slowly be returning to normal, there are still nagging signs of ‘lockdown fatigue’.

Lockdown-Induced Fatigue

Research by the University of Central Lancashire has identified that transition to new environments will initially lead us to feel low as we adapt to new ways in our working and personal lives.

This feeling is a result of the stress we experience and the change to our daily routines. This includes the challenges of being a parent, teacher, carer and employee all at the same time rather than being able to separate them.

For others, such as those living on their own, the monotony of the current circumstance may cause tiredness and result in changes in routine.

To be able to combat lockdown fatigue we need to consider, how do we get our energy back?

Structure, Exercise and Sleep

It is important, where you live in a shared house, by yourself, or with family, to consider structure, exercise and sleep.

Why is this important? Research by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte into Post-Traumatic Growth found that instead of allowing yourself to go into a dark place, you flip the brain around so you grow from the experience and teach your brain to process the memory differently.

  1. Structure means we plan our days and set a routine. This means we get up at the same time, ‘go to work’, plan lesson times, take regular work breaks, plan family time, keep in contact with friends and relatives, exercise and sleep.

  2. Exercise will help us to be healthier, which will aid our recovery if sick, and improve immune system function. 

  3. Sleep is vital. Get around 7-9 hours sleep every night. But to get a good night sleep you need to plan it. Think about lighting, bedding, exercise and how you wind down.

Working from home employer support resources

Advice is ever-changing and most employers are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees and stakeholders. 

Here at Cardinus, we have experience working with organisations and employers in difficult and challenging circumstances. We provide a wide range of e-learning and self-assessment software and free employer resources.

Return to Work Guidance, Risk Assessment Templates and Checklists

Information, guidance, advice and solutions for health and safety during COVID-19.

Temporary Homeworking E-Learning Course 

To help temporary homeworkers to understand the health risks of home working and take proactive steps to address them.

Transitional Working E-Learning Course 

As employees transition from the workplace to working from home and back again, this course helps to reinforce learning and manage safety communication.

Consultancy Return to Work Programme

Working with businesses to prepare a return to work programme.

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Innovative solutions for temporary home workers 08/04/2020

CARDINUS RISK Management, a subsidiary of AmWins Group, has launched two new solutions to support clients wanting to give the best practical and pragmatic advice and training to employees working from home on a temporary basis during the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

Commenting on the launch, Jon Abbott, global ergonomics director stated, “As soon as the potential consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent the whole Cardinus team mobilised to look at what we could do to provide advice, support and guidance.

Within the first week we held 4 webinar Q&As with experts from ergonomics, health and safety, mental health and lone working with over 200 attendees. 

This was quickly followed by issuing free guidance as email templates on all the key issues of temporary home working and building a COVID-19 H&S hub to provide best practice advice to the industry.

We are now thrilled to be launching two new solutions to give our clients added advice and training. From today we launch a new Help with Temporary Homeworking E-learning course and a Virtual Ergonomics Advice Line for UK and US markets.”

The Help with Temporary Homeworking E-learning course will take an employee through a 15-minute learning experience that covers pragmatic advice to help mitigate pain. The course covers four modules include: 

  • Your comfort and posture

  • Fire and electrical hazards

  • Your wellbeing

  • Safe driving and personal safety

The course includes mini tests to ensure the user fully understands the advice provided but does not include any formal risk assessment, which may be unnecessary for temporary work environments. This solution is currently being offered from £1 per licence. You can book a free trial of the e-learning course on the Cardinus website here.

Clients can link the new course to the Virtual Ergonomics Advice Line where qualified ergonomists and physiotherapists will be available via an online meeting room to provide general non-clinical and medical advice around posture, pain and discomfort management and the temporary workplace. 

Both solutions can be purchased separately, as well as in a package. Enquire about the Virtual Ergonomics Advice line here.

CEO Andy Hawkes added, “We listened to clients and believe that these low-cost solutions will provide them with practical advice and guidance at this difficult time. We are also offering our NHS and charity clients free access to the new course and will also discount the advice line to just cover the costs of the experts’ time.”

For more information on Cardinus’ health and safety and property risk expertise, or to speak to us about our solutions call 020 7469 0200 or email info@cardinus.com.

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Cardinus Risk Management Announce Personal Security Division Headed by Expert Andy Neal 22/02/2018

Cardinus Risk Management has acquired the talent and expertise of Protaris founder and expert Andy Neal to head up their new Security division. 

London, 22nd February 2018

Cardinus Risk Management has acquired the talent and expertise of Protaris founder and expert Andy Neal to head up their new Security division. 

This will expand Cardinus’ solutions to cover the risks presented to our clients’ assets and workforce from the increasing work-related threats of lone wolf terrorism, safe travel (national and international) and lone working.

Andy’s existing on-site courses in travel safety, conflict management, hostile environments and responding to the threats of lone wolf terrorism will be enhanced by adding specialist e-learning courses to Cardinus’ suite of health, safety, environmental and compliance courses.

Andy is also an expert in behavioural safety, profiling, and strategic asset protection and has worked for major international organisations.

Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO, commented, ‘Having previously worked with Andy and seen his expertise help our clients it was a natural evolution to bring him into the Cardinus family. His expertise and services will help organisations to understand where they are most vulnerable and will provide them with tailored training to support employees when travelling and working in unfamiliar and hostile environments as well as providing strategic advice for the protection of assets.’

Andy Neal is a world-leading expert in personal security and to date has advised governments, royal families, major companies and high profile celebrities in a career spanning 22 years. His military background coupled with his understanding of the commercial world is unique and provides the framework for a strong and well-established set of services that will be enhanced by Cardinus’ scope and global reach.

Of this exciting move, Andy Neal stated, “I am delighted to join Cardinus. They have a world class client list and it is clear that security and personal safety is a key risk for organisations and I look forward to working with the team to help their clients manage this increasing risk.’

Cardinus Risk Management is a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering online and on-site solutions to reduce organisational risk, improve productivity, minimise accidents and injury and comply with legislation. Cardinus Risk Management work across the globe.

For more information about Cardinus Risk Management and the cost-effective risk solutions that they provide, visit www.cardinus.com, email info@cardinus.com or call on 020 7469 0200.

Image of Andy Neal, Associate Director of Personal Security at Cardinus Risk Management

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DSE e-learning program 09/09/2019

In partnership with the Health and Safety Executive’s Health and Safety Laboratory, Cardinus have created Healthy Working, a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) e-learning program packed with features for the modern workplace.

Since the last DSE regulations were updated in 2002 we have seen massive technological and environmental changes within the workplace. With other DSE solutions no longer covering the needs of employees it became apparent that something had to be done about it. Healthy Working was born to bridge this gap.

This partnership has allowed Cardinus’ in-house experts to work with HSL’s Principal Ergonomist Matt Birtles, whose approach has brought in cutting-edge ideas about the way we sit, stand, move and work at offices, homes and other places of employment.

Healthy Working offers many innovative features that revolutionise an organisation’s DSE provision by setting it firmly in the modern age. These features include mobile and tablet devices, flexible working, maternity and pregnant employees, employee behaviour modelling and much more.

Jon Abbott, Sales and Marketing Director of Cardinus says “As the workplace evolves we are seeing the needs of employers and employees changing.  Healthy Working addresses these on-going needs by providing engaging materials to encourage better behaviours and working habits.”


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Happy, comfortable staff deliver more profit 21/10/2014

Office ergonomics can be the key that unlocks shareholder value.

Good display screen equipment (DSE) management can have a positive impact on staff morale and happiness. By focusing on your employees’ comfort and wellbeing you can actively reduce lost-time productivity, absenteeism and time-wasting.

Cardinus Risk Management works with many thousands of organisations that have all benefitted from its DSE expertise. Workstation Safety Plus from Cardinus has been selected as the global ergonomics e-learning and assessment system of choice by experts in many of the worlds leading organisations.

We can offer you compliance with regulations, healthy return on investment figures and, most importantly, a change in the way workers behave.  That’s right; we can show you how our DSE solutions help your employees work more safely and efficiently.

The Cardinus approach to effective DSE management is to apply simple programmes that provide a modular, adaptable solution. Workstation Safety Plus, the innovative online DSE assessment and e-learning solution, provides award-winning solutions that are fully endorsed by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

As the use of technology grows and becomes a larger part of our life, in and out of work, Workstation Safety Plus has developed to offer advice covering all elements of its use; from the laptop and smart phone in the office to the tablet and games console at home. 

If you would like to trial Workstation Safety Plus with up to 10% of your office based work force email info@cardinus.com  call us on 020 7469 0200.  

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Cardinus is a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering a range of solutions for all areas of your business.

Thousands of organisations across the globe use Cardinus to reduce work related discomfort, accidents and injury, increase employee productivity and comply with legislation. Our range of services includes:

·DSE training and risk assessment software solutions

·Driver safety and fleet risk management

·Property risk management surveys and audits

·Health & safety e-learning, onsite training, managed services and consultancy

·Enterprise risk management for all types of business risk

·Environmental training and consultancy

A key to our customer’s success is that Cardinus offer a complete range of solutions for all your risk management requirements.