Dynamic risk assessment for a COVID-world

11 November 2020

CARDINUS RISK Management, an AmWins Group company, has developed a unique training model, SOAP, that provides employees with the tools to measure and mitigate risk in relation to working in a COVID-world.

As a vaccine is finally mooted and organisations consider a 2021 with a reduced risk to COVID, there are serious concerns that health and safety managers will need to address now and during a transitional phase moving back to a workplace.

Employees working out on-site or travelling to and from a workplace, need to consider and weigh up their approach to risk. Coronavirus presents an invisible risk with a very real chance of exposure and ill-health. This is compounded when considering that employees may live with others who are vulnerable. For employers this presents a big risk. 

Right now, and looking towards a transitional phase returning to work in 2021, employees need to be able to dynamically assess their exposure to infection risk so that they can avoid contracting coronavirus. 

Cardinus is presenting this as a training model for organisations with two packages. A training course for staff and a train the trainer model, to enable organisations to share knowledge quickly across their entire workforce and to reinforce knowledge.

SOAP (Surface – Object – Area – People) is Cardinus' dynamic COVID risk assessment. The model helps identify places that are high risk and will help identify control measures that staff can use to lower their personal risk.

The methodology builds on the mnemonic SOAP. It’s a simple and effective teach model for this complex risk.

  • Surfaces – Risk from all surfaces

  • Objects – Risk assessing objects

  • Areas – Area assessments in a COVID environment

  • People – Assessing people and risks in the COVID environment

Commenting the model, Andy Neal, global security solutions director at Cardinus, stated, “COVID-19 has presented serious risks to organisations and their employees. Through this unique training model we’re empowering employees with the knowledge to mitigate their own risk through observation, awareness and risk assessment.

This is an exciting training model for organisations to reduce their exposure to risk and to train, through an engaging course, employees to remove the risk of contracting COVID. It helps both the employee and employer.”

For more information on Cardinus SOAP training, visit the Cardinus website, call 020 7469 0200 or email