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Cardinus becomes Corporate Member of CIEHF

03 September 2020

Cardinus Risk Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US headquartered, AmWINs Group, has become a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

Cardinus Risk Management are a leading risk management company, providing thousands of organisations globally with online ergonomics and safety training, risk assessment and risk reduction measures.

Commenting on the membership, Andy Hawkes, Cardinus CEO stated, “We have long admired the work of the CIEHF, and as a global leader in workstation and laboratory ergonomic e-learning, risk assessment, telephonic and on-site solutions we believe our membership will have significant mutual benefits”.

Cardinus’ Healthy Working software is used by 1,500 mid-to-large organisations across the world with over 3 million users in around 60 countries. Cardinus will soon launch a new industrial ergonomics software tool with 13 globally recognised assessments, called Healthy Working Pro. 

Jon Abbott, global ergonomics director added, “The expertise within the Institute and its membership will help us develop solutions that meet the future needs of our clients as the workplace changes and even more so, post-COVID-19.”

Dr. Noorzaman Rashid, chief executive of the CIEHF, stated, “Cardinus is a reputable risk and safety management business genuinely collaborating with professional bodies to make a difference for individuals. particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors was established in 1949 and are a founder of the International Ergonomics Society. The CIEHF promote integrated design to improve life, wellbeing and system performance. 

For more information about the ergonomics solutions Cardinus provide visit www.cardinus.com, or email info@cardinus.com.

To hear more about the Chartered Institute, visit www.ergonomics.org.uk. Dr. Noorzaman Rashid can be contacted onnoorzaman.rashid@ergonomics.org.uk.