Free forum on risk

05 June 2014

Identifying all of the potential risks to the operation of a business and then drafting a plan to deal with them is called business continuity management (BCM) and all organisations should be practising it.

Cardinus Risk Management is holding a business continuity management forum at its London offices on June 23, 2014 to help companies to better understand BCM and learn how to identify all the different risks that may threaten their operations.

Modern businesses face a range of threats, from relatively minor and common events like power failures or transport disruption through to catastrophic weather events and terrorism. 

Jon Abbott, director of Cardinus Risk Management, said: "How our businesses will survive a threat becoming reality is one of the most important questions every leader should be asking. Sadly, many don’t ask that question and live to regret it. Some businesses are crippled by simple events that seemed trivial – until they happened. It’s not unheard of for an organisation to concentrate on certain areas, like security or fire prevention, for example, only to be brought to its knees by a tube strike or a blocked drain. This forum is all about recognising the risks and planning contingencies."