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Shawcity is totally focused on bringing new technology to the UK and Ireland, enabling customers working in Environmental, Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety applications to achieve the highest levels of monitoring performance.

With a range of the best instruments on the market from leading manufacturers available to hire or buy, each order is tailored to your specific requirements with our technical experts to provide individual solutions.

We offer an extensive range of monitoring detection, including VOCs, Benzene, Ground Gas, Single Gas, Confined Space, Multigas, Mercury, Sound, Noise, Vibration, Air Quality & Dust and Heat Stress.

Thanks to our close links with manufacturers, our technical team provides you with support, advice and training for the lifetime of your instrument for total peace of mind. We offer a complete solution, with our manufacturer-trained and approved engineers providing servicing and calibration for every instrument we supply.

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Gas - Fixed Systems

Gas detection heads and control panels

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Gas - Portable Detection

Personal monitoring solutions

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Sound, Noise & Vibration

Personal and area monitoring applications

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Air Quality and Dust

Indoor and environmental monitoring

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Heat Stress

Measure area heat and humidity or personal heart rate and core body temperature

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OEM Sensors

300 products detecting 28 gases

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Ground Gas

Landfill and brownfield site gas release monitoring

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