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Pulsar Instruments Plc, are expert designers and manufacturers of noise measurement products for industrial, environmental, occupational and other noise measurement applications. Our instruments are UK-made and used by Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality professionals around the world to achieve compliance with noise at work legislation and safeguard their employees against noise-induced hearing loss.

Pulsar offer an extensive range of sound level meters, personal noise dosemeters and noise-activated warning systems designed with the busy safety professional in mind. We are constantly reminded that, in the Health & Safety sector, noise at work monitoring is one of the many tasks that needs to be implemented to meet compliance in the workplace. Such a user requires an instrument that can perform this duty with minimum of training and simplicity of use; we design all our instruments with this in mind.

Pulsar Instruments’ focus is on customer care. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure buyers can have complete confidence in choosing the right meter for the job without blowing their budgets. We provide ongoing product support for our customers, and also offer training in noise measurement and legal requirements for work place noise.

Invest in the best technology at the right price with Pulsar Instruments.



To find out more, please contact us at sales@pulsarinstruments.com or call us on +44 (0)1723 518 011 to speak to one of our experienced team members.




Pulsar Nova Models 41 & 42

Ideal for basic noise level assessments, emergency service alarm testing, sound system installation and vehicle noise measurement

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Pulsar Nova Models 43 & 44

Part of the Pulsar Nova range of high-performance Decibel Meters (also known as Sound Level Meters) that successfully combine advanced technology noise measurement with ease of use and durability.

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Pulsar Nova Models 45 & 46

The Premium Sound Level Meter in the Pulsar Nova range

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Quantifier: The Simple, No Nonsense Sound Level Meter

The Pulsar Quantifier range of integrating averaging Sound Level Meters is the practical option if you require a no-nonsense, simple to use solution for industrial noise measurements.

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Assessor: The Most Intuitive and Cost-effective Sound Level Meter

The Assessor range of high-performance Sound Level Meters appeals to a user requiring a robust, affordable, simple to use sound meter whilst complying with international noise standards.

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Model 14

Perfect meter where a quick assessment of noise levels is required

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Model 33

Ideal for Industrial, Engineering, Environmental & Building Acoustics applications

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Model 22 DoseBadge

Ideal measurement tool for capturing the real noise exposure levels of workers

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Pulsar NoisePen

Ideal for lone workers, shift workers or those operating in many locations

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Pulsar SafeEar

An innovative wall-mounted noise activated warning sign that flashes a warning when noise levels become too high and hearing protection must be worn or when noise levels must be kept down. For constant noise measurement of safe noise levels.

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