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Pulsar Instruments Plc est. 1969, have been recognised as experts in noise measurement for over 50 years. Our professional-grade instruments are UK-made and used by Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practitioners around the world to achieve compliance with noise at work and environmental noise legislation as well as to safeguard their employees against noise-induced hearing loss.

Pulsar offers an extensive range of sound level meters, personal noise dosimeters and noise-activated warning systems designed for use in occupational, industrial and environmental applications. We design all our instruments to be easy to use, robust and accurate.

In 2018, we expanded our range to include Hand-Arm Vibration instruments and now supply a range of products and services in this important area.

In addition to supplying measurement equipment, Pulsar Instruments provides comprehensive training in noise and vibration, consultancy advice, noise surveys, recalibration and rental services.

Pulsar Instruments’ focus is on customer care. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure buyers can have complete confidence in choosing the right meter for the job without blowing their budgets.

Invest in the best technology at the right price with Pulsar Instruments.

To find out more, please contact:

Call us on +44 1723 339715

Email: sales@pulsarinstruments.com

Visit: www.pulsarinstruments.com




Pulsar Nova Models 41 & 42

Ideal for basic noise level assessments, emergency service alarm testing, sound system installation and vehicle noise measurement

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Pulsar Nova Models 43 & 44: Noise at Work

Part of the Pulsar Nova range of high-performance Decibel Meters (also known as sound level meters). An easy to use, robust and accurate meter ideal for Noise at Work assessments.

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Pulsar Nova Models 45 & 46: High performance SLM

The premium sound level meter from the Pulsar Nova range with real time octave band filters, ideal for both environmental and occupational noise measurements.

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Model 14 digital noise meter

The perfect meter for noise spot checks, checking audible alarms and where a quick assessment of noise levels is required.

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Model 22 Noise dosimeter system

Our original robust and cable-free noise dosimeter. Ideal measurement tool for capturing the individual noise exposure levels of workers.

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Pulsar NoisePen noise dosimeter

Our newest noise dosimeter. Pre-programmable and no separate reader required. Ideal for lone workers, shift workers and those operating at distant locations.

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Pulsar SafeEar Noise-Activated Warning Signs

A wall-mounted interactive noise warning sign that tells people when noise levels are too high and hearing protection must be worn.

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Pulsar Weatherproof SafeEar noise warning sign

A weatherproof version of our original Pulsar SafeEar noise warning sign. Rated as IP65 it can be used outdoors or any location where a high level of moisture exists.

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Pulsar SafeEar Max XXL noise warning sign

An extra-large noise-activated warning sign ideal for construction sites (comes with 110V connection) or large factories where communicating safety messages is a challenge.

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Pulsar vB Hand-Arm Vibration Meter

Small and powerful hand-arm vibration meter that measures the potential transfer of vibration from hand-held power tools into the hand-arm system. Gives vibration magnitude, exposure points and time to reach vibration limits.

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