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Interactive noise warning signs

25 January 2021

PULSAR INSTRUMENTS range of SafeEar noise-activated warning signs are ideal for noisy workplaces by offering a simple solution to identifying when workers need to wear hearing protection and when they do not.

Millions of workers are affected by high noise levels in their workplace loud enough to damage their hearing. Static noise warning signs and mandatory hearing protection zones are not ideal solutions, as someone needs to police them. And wearing hearing defenders constantly over an entire shift is flawed from both health and safety and staff morale standpoints

The Pulsar SafeEar range of noise-activated warning signs provides the answer. Thanks to their clearly identifiable noise-activated warning, staff and visitors can take immediate action to protect themselves from noise by reaching for hearing protection or by taking action to reduce the noise levels around them.

  • Highly visual warning message

  • Quick and simple to install and use

  • Lights up when a pre-set noise level is exceeded

  • Triggers from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)

Protecting workers from a safe social distance

Once the operator sets their preferred noise trigger level, no further intervention is needed. The signs will do their job automatically, so you don’t have to be there in person.

You can use the SafeEar to create temporary ‘hearing protection zones’ when lit, and extend their range by connecting Remote Units to a Master sign. Flashing Warning Beacons for extra visibility are available, and data loggers can be used for those wanting to record and analyse long-term workplace noise levels. A Weatherproof version is also available for outdoor use.

Get the Max noise awareness

Communicating noise safety messages across large construction sites, warehouses, shop floors and factories can be a challenge. The SafeEar Max is an XXL noise-activated warning sign, which uses a combination of high intensity white LED technology and a large flashing safety beacon, to solve this problem. It also includes a built-in data logger so you can monitor and record noise levels. 

The SafeEar Max is simple to install and use. It’s weatherproofed and transportable, which means it can be used both inside and outside to monitor the working environment and noise exposure levels over time. The SafeEar Max comes complete with its own reporting and analysis software too allowing noise levels and data to be printed, exported and annotated for reference.

Find out more: https://get.pulsarinstruments.com/warning-signs/