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Noise Training Courses for 2021

08 December 2020

Back for 2021, Pulsar Instruments will again be delivering our one-day Noise at Work courses in a safe face to face classroom environment.

Occupational noise is one of the biggest causes of hearing loss in workers today. There is no cure for this “noise-induced hearing loss” but it is preventable by making sure that employers address workplace noise hazards and supply appropriate protection when needed. 

Pulsar’s one day Noise Awareness training courses are for anyone responsible for the health and safety of their employees. The focus is on helping people understand the issues relating to the legislation, measurement, and control of noise in their workplace. The course is suitable for anyone new to noise measurements or those in need of a refresher. 

Specifically, Pulsar’s noise measurement training course will help you:

  1. Identify if you have a noise at work problem and, if so, who is at risk;

  2. Understand what noise measurements are needed, and what tools are needed and why;

  3. Comply with the ‘Controlling Noise in the Workplace’ regulations and understand more about this important legislation;

  4. Apply your noise measurements to the current noise action levels and legal limits; and,

  5. Take action if any of these levels or limits are exceeded.

Dates for 2021 include:

  • Wednesday 14 April, York (The Principle in York)

  • Tuesday 15 June, Birmingham (Science museum)

  • Tuesday 21 September, Bristol (Bristol Meeting Rooms)

  • Tuesday 16 November, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue)

Pulsar has checked all the venues COVID management procedures and is satisfied that they are safe places to be.

The course is delivered by a qualified professional and includes both theoretical and practical content. In addition to the comprehensive course materials attendees receive, they will also get a buffet lunch and other refreshments and a certificate of attendance. 

Book your Early Bird place online at www.pulsarinstruments.com or call us on 01723 339715.