No fuss noise measurement

07 October 2020

Pulsar's sound level meters and dosemeters measure noise. Simply. No fuss. The company says it understands that noise measurement makes up just a small part of the H&S role, and in recent months it may not have been a priority.

However, even in the midst of a pandemic, Health and Safety at Work legislation still applies and the HSE requires all companies to carry out risk assessments, including those for noise, as normal.

While such assessments would normally be carried out every two years, what many companies fail to realise is that if they have made changes to their operations for Coronavirus, including altering shift patterns, implementing longer working hours, and reallocating staff elsewhere, they will need to re-do their noise risk assessments.

Pulsar Instruments can help

As noise measurement experts for over 50 years, Pulsar has the skills and expertise to help you with this by providing legally compliant Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters that are easy to use. This means you can operate them with little to no instrument training and produce quick and compliant noise assessment reports with our outstanding software in just a few clicks. But should you require any help or advice, our expert team is on call to help too. 

Popular products include:

All our meters are Made in Britain, come with the 7-Year warranty and conform to international standards.

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