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Globus serves organisations with bespoke high performance, hand protection solutions formed from the professional SHOWA and SKYTEC brands.

From modern facilities in Manchester, we deliver outstanding distribution and support to our customers.  This comprises industry-leading delivery response times and extensive inventories of stock in the UK, so guaranteeing consistency of supply.



Globus Hand Protection Programme

The Globus Hand Protection Programme (GHPP) is individually designed to support the introduction of a robust hand protection policy. Its aim is to deliver demonstrable compliance and best practice through interaction, evaluation and measurement, underpinned with training and a bespoke support package.

GHPP Benefits

  • Reducing Accident Rates
  • Aiding Compliance
  • Supporting Cost Savings
  • Improving Productivity
  • Boosting Environmental Credentials

Gloves from the Globus portfolio are not only associated with reliability and durability, but also with innovation. They conform to relevant European Standards and carry the CE Mark in accordance with current legislation. Rigorous daily testing and quality control inspection ensures continuity and reliability further improving safety for the wearer.

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Why change gloves with the weather? The SHOWA 306 is the ultimate outdoor companion – a revolutionary breathable, water repellent, fully coated latex grip glove. Reduced perspiration in dry conditions, warmth and dry hands in the wet.

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Ultimate Precision. No perspiration! A durable, lightweight and extremely comfortable glove with a soft microfibre liner – enables hands to remain dry even when worn for long periods. Ideal for assembly and precision handling tasks in dry and light oily conditions.

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Featuring SHOWA’s Hagane Coil® technology, the S-TEX KV3 provides outstanding levels of grip with its latex-coated palm as well as optimum protection from cuts. It has a EN388 cut resistance score of 5 and achieves a result of 40N with the ISO 13997 cut resistant test.

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Durable double-dipped ¾ nitrile coated glove that provides resistance to oil whilst also protecting from cuts. The SHOWA patented nitrile foam palm coating allows greasy and dry surfaces to be gripped securely whilst the underlying flat nitrile layer stops any liquid from reaching the palm. SHOWA Hagane Coil® technology within the liner delivers high performance cut resistance.

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SHOWA’s first impact resistant glove. Impact protection + flexibility + outstanding oil grip!

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Strong, yet soft and flexible. Oil and chemical resistant, the SHOWA 660 is impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments.

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Designed to be comfortably worn over long periods, SKYTEC Aria fits snugly and comfortably whilst preserving hand dexterity. With outstanding resistance to abrasion and rips as well as excellent grip in both dry, damp and light oily environments, ARIA is a glove that goes on and on and ….

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SKYTEC Ultimus Lite

SKYTEC Ultimus Lite is a durable, lightweight glove providing maximum resistance to cuts and protection when handling sharp, slippery objects such as glass and metal. The reinforced coating along the edge of the forefinger and thumb crotch, give you reassuring protection in the area of the glove subject to most stress.

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100% nitrile disposable glove. Durable, food safe, powder-free, latex-free, resistant to oils, acids and many chemicals! The perfect balance of performance, durability, comfort and value – put SKYTEC Teal to the test today!

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Argon provides excellent warmth, grip and protection even in damp environments. Remains flexible to temperatures as low as -50°C!

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