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Riley Eyewear

Riley® is a brand new range of high performance safety glasses and goggles offering unrivalled levels of comfort, protection and style, brought to you by Globus.

Designed and created by a dedicated team of safety eyewear experts with decades of experience, the Riley® range combines a completely fresh approach to eye protection with the latest safety eyewear technology, innovative design and unique performance features.

By listening to the needs of workers and health and safety managers, Riley® offers brand new eye protection solutions for a wide range of industrial applications and by using our interactive on-line Lens Tint Simulator you can see how various Riley® lens tints can affect your field of vision.

Every model in the range has been manufactured, tested, packaged and documented strictly in accordance with current European Legislation including European Personal Protective Directive 89/686/CEE, EN 166:2001 European Standard for Personal Eye Protection and EN 170 for protection against UV.

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A selection of the Riley range of safety glasses and goggles are listed below:-



This lightweight sports-style safety spectacle features flowing lines and extremely flexible side arms that result in pure wearing pleasure.

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Extremely lightweight, the single wide-vision lens provides the wearer with an exceptional field of vision and the uniquely flexible sidearms give unrivalled comfort and grip.

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Featuring an adjustable 'comfort' nose bridge, TOCARI offers an effective broad fit solution in eyewear protection.

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The soft padded seal gives maximum comfort and provides extra protection in dusty and dirty environments.

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Contemporary, sporty design. Providing sturdy and comfortable protection for a wide variety of applications.

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Single-piece panoramic lens, with excellent optical quality alongside a modern design.

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With deep fit lateral protection shields housed in a contemporary frame, RIVESTI safety glasses are designed to reduce the amount of glare entering the field of vision.

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Constructed from an extremely durable and lightweight metallised frame and featuring an interchangeable lens option, SISINI is an extremely robust and versatile option for the majority of applications.

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The Riley VELIA safety goggle has a clear polycarbonate wraparound lens offering 180° field of vision for complete eye protection.

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A goggle which offers excellent pressure-free fit and when worn with the accompanying shield, additional face protection against liquid splashes and airborne particles is provided.

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