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HSMTV: How Riley Safety Glasses are Made

Riley® (https://www.riley-eyewear.com) gives you an insight into how our safety glasses are made.

See how the frames for our protective glasses are produced, evolving from a concept and rapid prototyping, through to injection moulding followed by detailed finishing and inspection by hand.

Comfort for the wearer and a sophisticated style are key attributes of our manufacturing techniques, which are clearly demonstrated by our frame technology (https://www.riley-eyewear.com/frame-t...). Next up in the safety glasses manufacturing process is the production of lenses and associated technologies (https://www.riley-eyewear.com/lens-te...). After moulding the lenses are ultrasonically cleaned and individually checked for any imperfections. They are then double dipped – meaning both sides of the lens are coated – in a clean room environment to apply additional coatings such as Riley® TECTON™ anti-fog and anti-scratch. This is one of our key differentiators, as many other safety glasses manufacturers apply a coating to one side of the lens only. Additional lens tints and coatings such as Indoor/Outdoor, Twilight and Revo mirror are then added via a vacuum process. Our high quality polycarbonate lenses surpass EN 166 ‘F’ requirements and are hand fitted to the frames in a clean environment. All steps of our production process are subject to rigorous testing procedures in accordance with ISO9000 and international regulations.

So now you know how Riley® manufactures innovative safety eyewear. Explore more at www.riley-eyewear.com.


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