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Globus Group launches new respiratory PPE range

07 November 2022

GLOBUS GROUP has launched a new range of face masks to protect workers against extremely hazardous substances found in the workplace.

Hazard protection includes but is not limited to sawdust, engineered wood dust, and respirable silica dust, welding fumes, toxic gases, diesel fumes, and exhaust emissions. Prolonged exposure to hazardous substances over an extended period is known to be extremely harmful, often life threatening. 

One of the biggest challenges in wearing respiratory equipment is compliance. The Alpha Sentinel range has been designed for superior fit and comfort for workers, especially those wearing the masks for long periods of time.

Lead product designer Josh Moffat said, “When it came to designing the Alpha Sentinel range we really tried to prioritise the end-user. We know that workers are often wearing these masks for long periods of time, and so focusing on comfort and fit means that they are more likely to be worn correctly and workers can be confident that they are getting the right protection.

He continued, “Looking beyond fit and comfort, we know that another big reason for PPE non-compliance is masks getting too hot, so we have designed our unique large exhalation valve to minimise heat and moisture build-up. We really believe that the design innovations we have been able to make with the Alpha Sentinel masks are going to make a huge difference to the workers using these products every day.” 

The Alpha Sentinel full and half face masks are the first Globus product range to be designed and manufactured entirely in the UK. Globus invested in a number of new state-of-the-art manufacturing sites during the Covid-19 pandemic and has committed to manufacturing as many of its products as possible in the UK. 

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