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Comfort, cut resistance and durability

28 August 2019

The multi-purpose DURACoil glove range by SHOWA combines high-level comfort with cut resistance, durability and excellent grip performance, protecting workers in medium-low cut risk environments.

Introduced into the UK, Ireland and Middle East by Globus Group, the new safety glove range features SHOWA’s DURACoil technology. This specialist process sees the liner engineered by tightly wrapping tenacious multifilament polyester around a cut resistant fibre, which is then reinforced with High-Performance Polyethylene (HPPE).

As a result, these high comfort gloves can be worn for extended periods of time, offering increased resistance to snags and abrasions and cut protection in line with EN 388:2016 cut level C.

Available in four different polymer coating finishes – Nitrile, Foamed Nitrile, Natural Rubber (Latex) and Polyurethane – the DURACoil range also offers exceptional grip performance in particular for component handling and assembly tasks in both wet and dry environments.

Key benefits claimed include:

•       Good resistance against cuts, snags and tears 

•       Upgraded mechanical risk protection for general purpose activities - EN 388:2016 cut level C 

•       Soft, lightweight and ultra-comfortable with no skin irritation 

•       Excellent fit and dexterity 

•       Increased productivity with durable protection for multipurpose and cut risks 

•       Consistent high quality and service

*        SHOWA ergonomic hand shape design 

•       Launderable and re-usable 

•       13-gauge seamless-knit liner

The series of seven cut C/A3 gloves is SHOWA’s direct response to the revised PPE regulations 2016, which saw a market-wide downgrade in EN388 and ANSI 105 cut level scores for re-certified products.

Globus product development manager for hand protection, Gregory Tessier, explains: “Since the revision of the PPE regulations in 2016, there has been a significant shift in the landscape of gloves intended for cut protection. A major result is the market-wide downgrade in cut level scores for products re-certified under the new norms of EN 388:2016 and ANSI 105-16. This is especially apparent in the general-purpose category, with a surge of focus and attention to the cut C/A3 product group.

“The new SHOWA DURACoil range helps organisations across diverse industry sectors requiring multi-purpose, mechanical risk hand protection solutions, meet their needs in a simple, proven and cost-efficient way.”

To find out more about the new SHOWA DURACoil range visit https://info.showagloves.com/duracoil