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Whole body vibration measurement

13 September 2022

The Pulsar vB² Human Vibration Meter is the latest hand-arm and whole-body vibration measurement innovation designed to make your vibration risk assessments as effortless as possible.

For the Health and Safety Manager who demands accuracy and efficiency, the all-new Pulsar vB² Human Vibration Meter is the instrument that gives you rapid, reliable results.

The vB² has a very minimalist, user-friendly design that will allow any member of your team to use it with very little training. The modular design allows you to easily switch between measuring either hand-arm or whole-body vibration by simply using our plug-and-play sensors to take your readings.

General Manager of Pulsar Instruments Simon Rehill says, “Whole-body vibration is an area we have wanted to expand into for a while now. So we are very excited to be able to offer a complete solution for your vibration monitoring”

Ensuring you pick the correct instrument for the job can be a worry for a lot of Health and Safety Managers, but the vB² gives you the option to add extra functionality as and when you need it. If you only need to measure hand-arm vibration now, rest assured that you can add the whole-body vibration sensor in the future, or vice-versa, instead of finding another meter.

For more information, visit www.pulsarinstruments.com