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Happy, comfortable staff deliver more profit

21 October 2014

Office ergonomics can be the key that unlocks shareholder value.

Good display screen equipment (DSE) management can have a positive impact on staff morale and happiness. By focusing on your employees’ comfort and wellbeing you can actively reduce lost-time productivity, absenteeism and time-wasting.

Cardinus Risk Management works with many thousands of organisations that have all benefitted from its DSE expertise. Workstation Safety Plus from Cardinus has been selected as the global ergonomics e-learning and assessment system of choice by experts in many of the worlds leading organisations.

We can offer you compliance with regulations, healthy return on investment figures and, most importantly, a change in the way workers behave.  That’s right; we can show you how our DSE solutions help your employees work more safely and efficiently.

The Cardinus approach to effective DSE management is to apply simple programmes that provide a modular, adaptable solution. Workstation Safety Plus, the innovative online DSE assessment and e-learning solution, provides award-winning solutions that are fully endorsed by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

As the use of technology grows and becomes a larger part of our life, in and out of work, Workstation Safety Plus has developed to offer advice covering all elements of its use; from the laptop and smart phone in the office to the tablet and games console at home. 

If you would like to trial Workstation Safety Plus with up to 10% of your office based work force email info@cardinus.com  call us on 020 7469 0200.