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Gloves and eyewear for construction workers

26 July 2021

All safety gloves are tested to EN388:2016 which is an internationally recognised standard. Scores are given for resistance to Abrasion, Cut (Coup), Tear, Puncture, Cut (TDM) and Impact.

The TDM test being the most relevant for today’s high-risk working environments.  This is how MCR Safety represent TDM scores throughout its range:

The company has cut protective gloves to suit different tasks within the construction industry offering protective properties in line with the environment. Its selected just four gloves to represent the different levels of protection and give you an overview of what’s available and what level of protection you may need for your workforce.

Learn more about these gloves and how cut protection is measured.

A clear view of Protective Eyewear...

Dust and other air-born particles create a common hazard on most construction sites. They include silica, which is present in sand, concrete and mortar and non-silica in brick dust, gypsum, cement and limestone. And let’s not forget the larger projectiles that may be encountered like wood and metal debris from the circular saw and the grinder. It’s prudent to wear eye protection but essential that it doesn’t inhibit the task in hand.

MCR Safety offers an extensive range of safety glasses, goggles and visors – learn more.