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Modern gloves for a modern workplace

13 December 2021

TOUCH-SCREEN interfaces have revolutionised operations in many modern working environments. Warehouse & logistics, engineering, construction, manufacturing, agriculture to name but a few; they all use this level of technology.

Over and above machinery and equipment, there’s also a genuine need to operate devices such as smart phones and tablets as part of the working process.

Gloves you want to wear…

Industry has been crying out for a work glove that people want to wear rather than one they have to wear.  A glove that’s comfortable, durable and can be used in unison with all types of touch-screen equipment.

MCR Safety recognised this need and introduced a range of gloves that work hand in hand with touch-screen technology while still offering all the necessary protection you expect from your PPE.

They can be worn continually throughout the day without the need for removal when interacting with a screen.  They're modern gloves, designed for a modern workplace.

Protection at all levels

MCR’s touch-screen range spans the entire breadth of the EN388 cut resistance scale.  Starting at level ‘A’ and going right up to level 'F' for extreme protection.

They have general handling gloves for everyday tasks, cut-resistant options for high-risk environments and even a robust impact protection glove.

You'll be sure to find hand protection at the level you need. 

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