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Tornado Oil-Teq – Defence against oil and grease

01 August 2022

AS PART of the MCR Safety portfolio, Tornado Gloves has developed the Oil-Teq range.

Lots of working environments involve working with oil, grease and other liquids that can cause hazard and loss of grip. There are also health issues to consider as contact with these substances can result in skin irritation leading to discomfort and sometimes dermatological conditions.

As part of the MCR Safety portfolio, Tornado Gloves has developed the Oil-Teq range.

Oil-Teq 1

Designed for precision handling tasks; double layer bi-polymer coating prevents unhelpful greasy penetration and provides reliable grip.

The 15-gauge, lightweight shell has complete elasticity that moves with you following the contours of your hand.  This allows the necessary dexterity to carry out intricate work.  The small area at the back of the glove free from coating allows your skin to breathe so you can wear the Oil-Teq 1 comfortably all day long.

You also have maximum protection from abrasion which is essential when handling harsh materials.

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Oil Teq 5

An oil repellent glove with superior cut and abrasion resistance for use in high-risk environments.  With a robust, yet highly elastic 13-guage shell this glove has cut resistance at EN388:2016 level ‘C’ and abrasion resistance at maximum level ‘4’.

For additional confidence, especially when working with machinery, you’ll find increased fortification between thumb and forefinger.  Reinforcement is this area protects the most vulnerable part of your hand.

The two-layer nitril coating creates a double barrier against oil and liquid penetration.  It’s also soft for comfort, supple for dexterity and reliable for strong grip regardless of conditions.

Like Oil-Teq 1, there’s a breathable section at the back of the hand so the glove is comfortable for all-day wear.

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You can contact the MCR Safety Team for pricing, more information about the Oil-Teq range or to find out about their full range of hand and eye protection. You can call +44 (0) 1922 457421, email ask@mcrsafetyeurope.com or visit www.mcrsafetyeurope.com