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Eco-friendly packaging for safety gloves and eyewear

26 June 2023

AS A major manufacturer and supplier of Safety Gloves and Eyewear, MCR Safety has challenged every aspect of its business as part of a journey towards complete sustainability.

Packaging was addressed as a priority and from 1 January 2022 new factory orders removed single-use plastic where possible, replacing it with paper-based alternatives or materials that are recycled or recyclable.

Glove packaging

In the past, as with all glove manufacturers, MCR’s product was heavily packaged with plastic. Gloves were packed in batches of 10 or 12 pairs within an outer carton. Previously each pair was wrapped and sealed in an individual polybag then the batches were also bagged using the same method.

After reviewing a number of options, MCR Safety developed a new method of packaging that has allowed them to successfully remove all this plastic.

Now the glove batches are simply banded together using MCR’s eco-friendly branded paper wrap. The cigar-band style wrap is extremely durable and 100% recyclable. By switching to this method of packaging, on average they prevent 250g of single-use plastic per case of gloves entering the market. As you can imagine, it produces and sells a huge number of cases each year, so the impact of their positive action is significant.

Eye protectors

It’s a lot more challenging to remove single-use plastics when it comes to packaging eyewear products. The difficulty faced by all eyewear manufacturers is the same; swapping the polybag for a paper one will have a detrimental effect on the lens coating.

A polybag has the required ability to protect the lens from scratching and breakdown due to changes in temperature and moisture levels when in transit. A paper bag simply does not have the same protective characteristics. This is obviously a critical factor when moving eye protection across different continents and climates.

MCR Safety has taken steps to minimise environmental impact as much as possible. All their eye protectors are individually packaged in polybags made from LDPE (Low Density Polyurethane) which contains 30% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

The company continues to research ways in which they can improve with a view to eventually being able to move away from plastic altogether.

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MCR Safety strives for Zero-Plastic…

MCR Safety strives for “Zero Plastic” always making eco-friendly choices when they introduce new product into its range. The company is on a journey towards complete sustainability and they endeavour to be at the forefront of green thinking within their industry.

If for valid reason, plastic cannot be entirely removed, it must be made from recycled material and/or be recyclable when disposed of. MCR also aims to help customers by guiding them on correct recycling procedure, hence aiding them to improve their own carbon footprint.

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