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Luxury in a safety glove

17 November 2020

THE CT1062NA is a new addition to MCR Safety’s cut resistant range, developed with their unique advanced formula yarn. It offers an amazing level of comfort – they’ve been told it’s like pure luxury in a safety glove!

Free from harsh materials

Unique to MCR Safety, this yarn is a new technological innovation, completely free from any harsh materials such as glass fibre. Its composition gives it great strength yet at the same time, it’s super-soft to the touch. So, when you put the glove on your hand, you feel that amazing level of comfort!

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Protection and dexterity

This featherweight, form fitting safety glove provides medium cut level ‘B’ protection. It has an ultra-light shell due to its 18-gauge construction. The exceptional level of dexterity means it’s ideal for precision handling in medium-risk environments across diverse industry sectors.

The coating

Its palm coated with premium nitrile breathable foam; known as Nitrile Air. It’s a highly durable and flexible coating that achieved over 30,000 abrasive cycles during testing and is great for grip and breathability.

The extras

Cut protection, dexterity and amazing comfort – why stop there? This glove has extras. It has a reinforced thumb-crotch for added protection in the most vulnerable area and touch-screen fingertips so you can use tech without removing your glove.

Here’s a quick summary:

Features                                  Benefits
Advanced Formula Yarn             Maximum abrasion resistance
                                                 Medium cut resistance
                                                 Free from harsh fibres for comfort
                                                 Featherweight for reduced hand fatigue
                                                 Flexible and dexterous
Nitrile Air Coating                       Maximum abrasion resistance
                                                 Excellent dry grip
                                                 Good oil & wet grip
The Extras                                 Thumb crotch protects most vulnerable area
                                                 Touchscreen, no need to remove glove to use tech

Learn more on the MCR Safety website or contact them to request a product trial:

+44 (0) 1922 457 421