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Revolutionary new cut-resistant yarn

22 September 2020

MCR Safety has developed a revolutionary advanced cut-resistant yarn, which the company says is strong like steel, soft like silk and it’s completely free from glass-fibre and steel.

Ultra-thin fibres utilise micro-reinforcements for high-level cut protection completely free from glass and steel fibres. According to the company, when tested, they demonstrate superiority in performance and durability with the added benefit of being silky smooth, comfortable, flexible, and high dexterous.

How is the new yarn different?

Safety gloves made with HPPE are common. The fibre is lightweight with good abrasion and cut resistance but materials such as glass-fibre are blended to achieve a higher level of cut protection economically.

These blended materials are great for protection but MRC Safety says they don’t tend withstand heavy usage or repeated cleaning due to the brittle nature of their structure. They can become fractured causing particles to break free and make contact with the skin. The company says this causes discomfort, irritation and, in some cases allergic reactions and the breakdown drastically reduces cut-resistant performance so the glove will no longer offer adequate protection and need to be replaced.

Additional Features

All MCR Safety’s gloves with this new yarn come with touchscreen fingertips so no need to remove the glove to use touchscreen devices. They also have a reinforced thumb-crotch to protect this high wear and venerable area of the hand.

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