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GP1005LD – New General Handling Glove: Designed for damp working conditions…

27 April 2022

THIS NEW addition to the MCR Safety range is the ultimate glove for working in damp environments. It has a double layer of latex which coats the entire glove, acting as a barrier against moisture penetration.

The coating extends all the way up to the bottom of the driver’s style cuff to give you complete protection from damp.

The micro-crinkle surface texture is designed for powerful wet and dry grip, it works in a similar way to your own natural fingertips.

Treated with MCR Safety’s bacteria-inhibiting hygiene formula to reduce odours, the glove will keep your hands fresh all day long.

Both the shell and the coating of the glove are soft, supple and breathable so you can be free from fatigue and enjoy all-day comfort.

GP1005LD achieves EN407 Contact Heat level 1 up to 100°c for additional protection even in a challenging industrial environment.

Shell Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Form-fitting, ergonomic design
  • Extremely soft, comfortable and flexible
  • Breathable for all day wear
  • Maximises dexterity and sense of touch
  • Driver’s style cuff with piping

Coating Features:

  • Natural foam latex coating right to the edge of cuff
  • Micro-crinkle second coating for extra dry / wet grip
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable for all-day comfort
  • Sanitised to protect against bacteria and reduce odour

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Different coatings for different tasks:

GP1005LD is one of three gloves in the GP1005 family, LD stands for ‘Latex Dual’, a double barrier of protective latex. Also available are GP1005LS with a Latex Suction coating for powerful grip and GP1005NA with Nitril Air Coating for comfort and durability.

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Contact the MCR Safety Team for more information about GP1005 or find out more about their extensive range of hand and eye protection.

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