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Klondike Plus – Safety and style at an affordable price

23 May 2022

KLONDIKE PLUS safety glasses are carefully designed with comfort in mind. The 5-position ratchet temples allow you to achieve the optimum fit for the contours of your face. Gel nose pads provide a cushioning effect next to your skin and the polycarbonate frame is so lightweight you’ll barely know it’s there.  With Duramass scratch-resistant lens coating this eyewear is intended to withstand the rigors of daily use.

The simple matt black frame complements a choice of five different lens tints for varying light levels and industrial environments. Blue helps focus and reduces eye-strain, amber increases contrast for better definition in dull conditions and grey will help prevent fatigue in both poor and harsh light. Classic clear is neutral and the indoor/outdoor option allows you to move between a subdued interior into strong daylight, minimising that brief dazzle effect.

Klondike Plus is made for safety, practicality and hard work yet it’s attractive and stylish too. Its urbane appearance is completely in tune with fashion eyewear trends; it wouldn’t look out of place on the slopes of an expensive ski resort. This is sophisticated eye protection with the added benefit of being extremely affordable in price.

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