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3M Offers eyecatching prizes

23 January 2013

3M the diversified technology company, is offering a range of fantastic prizes to mark the launch of its interactive eyewear initiative.

3M the diversified technology company, is offering a range of fantastic prizes to mark the launch of its interactive eyewear initiative. Through the campaign 'Eyecatching Protection', which has been nominated for an ISP award, the company aims to highlight the importance of eye protection and demonstrate the broad range of personal protective equipment available.

Eyecatching protection
Seeing is believing and 3M recognises that choosing and wearing eyewear is a very personal thing - to try before you buy is a must. So 3M has launched a new, highly interactive website where you can see yourself in a pair of 3M safety spectacles. This new site enables users to upload their photos, choose a pair of spectacles and simply slip them into position to see whether they suit them or not. The site's detailed functionality allows for lens colours to be changed and different styles tried until the right pair is selected. Everyone who logs onto the 'eyecatching protection' website

www.3Meyecatchingprotection.co.uk will be automatically entered into a prize draw* to win a Sony Digital Camera. Safety never looked so good, so log on and try before you buy!

3M's range of eyewear, which now also includes Peltor eyewear products, is stylish as well as protective and can be compatible with other PPE. The products have been developed to incorporate features requested by customers including LED lights clipped to the frames and anti-scratch, anti-fog coatings and UV protection. The range also includes innovative products such as the unique Maxim aspherical lens, featuring 100 per cent distortion-free sight and 180° pure vision.

Getting it right at Rolls Royce
As a specialist in personal protection equipment, 3M understands how important it is to make the right choice. And to that end, the company offers a whole range of help, guidance and practical advice to its customers. In her role at the company's Derby plant, Michelle Mackay has responsibility for safety eyewear for between 80 and 100 workers. A recent change in company policy had meant that everyone on the shopfloor, whether working with machinery or simply visiting, has to wear safety spectacles but when these were introduced there was a high level of complaints about the spectacles supplied. Workers were reporting a range of problems, including headaches and dizziness, and claimed that they found the glasses difficult to work in because they misted up or gave them distorted vision.

Attending a Rolls Royce health and safety roadshow, Michelle met Martin Cook of 3M, who was there to demonstrate the 3M range of safety eyewear.

She says: "I got into a discussion with Martin about the difficulties we were experiencing with our existing spectacles. Rather than simply recommend an alternative, he suggested that we organise an eyewear 'clinic' on-site so that we could get the shopfloor people themselves involved in finding a solution to the problems."

Back at Derby, Michelle arranged for a number of her team to meet Martin for a round-table discussion of all of the issues they had with the safety spectacles they were using. They explained their various likes and dislikes and then tried a variety of 3M safety eyewear. The feedback from the meeting was collated and a core range of 3M products was identified for trialling.

Michelle Mackay says: "The initial reaction to the 3M products was very good but it's one thing just to try on spectacles and quite another to wear them all day, every day in the work environment.

Only time can tell, so the opportunity to give the spectacles a proper trial was extremely useful. At the end of a week, we didn't have a single complaint, quite the opposite, in fact - the lads wearing the 3M spectacles were singing their praises.

They reported that they were comfortable to wear and that they could see clearly in them to work." Explaining his approach to Rolls Royce's problem, Martin Cook says: "One of the key challenges facing anyone with responsibility for PPE is gaining the acceptance of the personnel who have to use the equipment concerned and resistance to a particular choice will make enforcement all the more difficult.

With eyewear in particular, the wrong choice can actually impair performance and potentially cause accidents, which is what Michelle was finding with her team. However, by consulting with the people who have to wear the spectacles, offering them input into the decision-making process and enabling them to try out a selection of products, you can reach a solution that meets with everyone's approval."

Michelle says: "The eyewear clinic was just what we needed and Martin couldn't have been more helpful. We no longer have complaints about safety spectacles and our personnel have a choice of eyewear that is both stylish and functional."

The right advice
To help with the difficult task of selecting the correct PPE, 3M offers a range of additional selection tools to help make product choice a clear and simple process. This is supported by the 3M Health and Safety Helpline which allows access to 3M specialists to assist with PPE enquiries, ensuring customers get the best product, support and value for money.

For more information, visit www.3M.co.uk/ohes. The 3M Health and Safety Helpline is available on 0870 60 800 60(UK) or 1800 320 500 (Ireland).