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Lacuna high-tensile hand protection

23 November 2022

LACUNA IS a range of safety gloves recently launched under the prestigious Tornado brand. A brand now part of the MCR Safety family.

This new range of gloves has been developed by the technicians at MCR with great importance placed on the partnership between cut resistance and dexterity. Two properties that often don’t easily coexist in a safety glove.

Historically gloves with a high level of cut resistance may have been constructed using heavy-duty yarns and coatings to achieve maximum protection. These materials are not always conducive to dexterity and the ability to wear the gloves for precision handling tasks.

Lacuna changes all that, taking cut resistant hand protection to a new level of freedom and dexterity. The three gloves in the range achieve cut level ‘F’ in the EN388 TDM cut test; that’s the highest level of cut resistance that can be recorded. They also offer great hand agility and freedom of movement due to their fine construction. The secret is a new yarn formulation, again exclusively developed by the technicians at MCR Safety.

The revolutionary new yarn is a blend of HPPE fibre with high-tensile steel running through each strand. There is absolutely no glass fibre; the strength comes purely from the union of HPPE and steel. High-tensile steel content means the yarn can undergo a huge amount of stress without suffering any damage.

There are three gloves available with different coatings for different tasks and working environments.

CT1073NS has Nitrile Sandy coating for incredible grip, it’s even been described as ‘vice-like’. The sandy surface texture is extremely dependable, especially in oily conditions. As the coating is black in colour, it’s practical for use in workplaces where oil and grime are commonplace.

CT1073PU has Polyurethane coating that acts like a second skin, your hands can be agile, flexible and highly dexterous. Perfect protection for precision handling tasks in high-risk environments. Furthermore, a reinforced thumb-crotch gives you an extra barrier to shield the most delicate part of your hand.

CT1073LS has a blue Latex palm coating with a crinkle effect to act like the natural grip of your fingertips. Designed for powerful hold, this glove performs well in wet or dry conditions. It’s fully sanitised, water repellent and extremely durable.

Sanitised for comfort

All gloves in the Lacuna range are sanitised as part of the manufacturing process. They are treated with an anti-bacterial agent to promote hygiene and help reduce odour. This makes for a far more comfortable glove that can be used for all-day wear.

To find out more about this new innovation in cut resistant work gloves you can visit the MCR Safety Website or make enquiries by phone or via email at:
+44 (0) 1922 457 421