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Hydroblast Goggle – Reliable, comfortable sealed eye protection

23 August 2022

AS EXPERTS in the field of protective eyewear, MCR Safety prides itself on its range of safety glasses, goggles and face visors. Designed and manufactured by MCR Safety, Hydroblast is the latest addition to its goggle range.

It’s a sealed unit eye protector, a form of eye protection which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the industrial sector. The onset of COVID19 has also played its part in highlighting a need for more fortified face coverings.

Functionality and comfort

The Hydroblast HB3 goggle fits perfectly to your face to give you supreme comfort along with secure and reliable protection. It’s able to do so because of it’s unique, super-soft TPR seal. TPR is used where the safety goggle meets your skin because its soft, supple and extremely resistant to every-day wear and tear.

The Goggle features a 7-point ratchet action on the strap fastening so you can adjust it to the optimum fit for you.

The indirect vented air flow allows air to circulate reducing clamminess, but still protecting you from splash hazards and larger dust particles.

The lens is optically clear and coated with MCR’s premium MAX6 Anti-Fog (N) coating to withstand extreme stresses in your working environment, free from unwanted distraction. And if you’re a prescription wearer, a prescription insert can simply be added to the goggle.

These carefully considered features teamed with refined ergonomic design ensure that the safety goggle is perfect for all-day wear.

Protection assurance

Hydroblast HB3 has been tested in accordance with CE EN166, with grade F impact protection. The dielectric construction means there are no metal components and therefore the goggle is a non-conductor, ideal in hot or electrical environments. It’s ability to withstand liquid splash and dust penetration is particularly useful in these times of COVID19 when face covering as a barrier is of utmost importance.

Find out more

The Hydroblast goggle is a great piece of safeguarding eye protection for industrial environments spanning a wide cross-section of industry.

Click here to find out more about the Hydroblast HB3 Goggle or visit the Product Profile page on the MCR Safety website.

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