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Armoury for hands

23 August 2021

MCR SAFETY provides specialist hand protection for construction workers.

The hand is probably the most impressive piece of anatomical engineering in your entire body. Beneath your skin lies a complex framework of bones, muscles, nerves and tendons. A structure that’s capable of immense strength and dexterity. Your amazing range of sensory perception is only possible because of the unique way the human hand has evolved.

You use your hands to reach out, grasp, lift and sometimes protect your body; they’re the first line of defence against the outside world. That means they’re vulnerable, especially in high-risk environments with large, heavy and abrasive objects.

On construction and demolition sites, objects of this nature are an obvious hazard and the threat of falling masonry is ever-present. Although safety regulations are stringent and personnel are properly trained; there’s always risk of hand injury even when great care is taken to avoid incident. Hands damaged by impact or crush may not always recover fully so appropriate protection is vital!

Minimise your risk with IP1052

MCR Safety’s impact protection gloves have robust armour to shield the back of your hand. It’s made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), an ideal material for impact protection because it’s incredibly tough yet also surprisingly supple.

TPR is applied to the back of the hand, fingers and thumb in panels like the scales of a crocodile. This is so it can flex with the hand through your full range of motion. It’s light-weight and will not inhibit speed or hand agility.

Manufactured on a 13-gauge machine, shell construction is fine so the glove can deliver a soft and comfortable fit. The ergonomic design also adds dexterity and flexibility.

It ranks high in the EN388 cut test achieving level ‘D’ and for yet further protection, it has a reinforced thumb-crotch.

Available with two different coatings...

IP1052NS – Nitrile Sandy Coating

Nitrie sandy, as the name implies, gives the coating a fine sandy texture that’s great for powerful grip. The coating extends over the palm and the inner sides of the fingers and thumb. It’s durable, flexible and tactile, even allowing for touch-screen fingertips to operate tech. Yes, that’s right, no need to remove the glove to use equipment, smart phones or tablets.

IP1052NF – Nitrile Foam Coating

Nitrile foam is great for grip, flexibility and comfort, it also offers a slight cushion effect that will absorb some degree of shock. This glove is fully coated which means the Nitrile foam is providing a full 360° barrier against oil and liquid penetration.

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