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Sennen premium eye protector

19 April 2023

MCR SAFETY has recently launched the Sennen premium eye-protector complete with their very own eco-friendly anti-mist coating.

It has wide coverage for maximum protection, excellent panoramic view and perfect visual clarity.

The one-piece polycarbonate lens follows the contours of your face providing a close ergonomic fit that's both stylish and effective.

The soft TPR temples are designed for maximum wearer comfort so these protective glasses can be worn all day long.

See the performance for yourself in this video.

Environmentally friendly coating…

This attractive and functional eye protector features MCR Safety’s own new and unique environmentally friendly UV-Cured anti-mist coating, known as UVC for short.

It's an advanced Ultraviolet Light Cured Anti-Mist lens coating which has been developed by the technicians at MCR Safety. It’s their latest innovation and they’re very proud to say that it’s an industry first!

The new coating process has both performance and environmental benefits.

Firstly, performance is enhanced by three times for anti-mist protection. Regular thermal curing anti-mist can endure 1-2 times 80º hot water steam test; whereas the new UVC coating maintains non-misting for up to 3 times longer.

Secondly, there are great environmental benefits. The New UVC Anti-Mist Coating process has been independently calculated to consume 87% less energy than the traditional thermal curing process. By switching to this new process, MCR Safety can prevent up to 12,862 kgs of CO2 being emitted per month.

Find out more about UVC coating here.

To find out more about Sennen, why not visit the product profile page on the MCR website.

You can also contact their team for information or even to arrange a trial:
T: +44 (0) 1922 457421
E: ask@mcrsafetyeurope.com