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HydraTherm – keeps working hands warm!

17 January 2023

AT THIS time of year it’s important to look after your hands and shield them from the cold. If you’re working outside and you’re exposed to the elements, specialist winter hand protection is essential.

Indoor environments such as warehouses, factories and other large draughty workplaces will also be uncomfortable as they may have little or no heating.

MCR Safety has recently introduced a new cold protection glove as part of the prestigious Tornado range. It’s called HydraTherm and as the name suggests, it will also protect from moisture penetration.

HydraTherm is a double dipped latex glove designed for cold environments. The double layer of latex provides powerful grip with water repellent properties. It’s soft, flexible and comfortable with good dexterity.

The first smooth layer of latex provides full coverage and this is the moisture barrier. The second layer covers the palm and fingers and has a sandy texture to deliver superior wet and dry grip.

It’s a durable glove that keeps hands warm and dry for indoor or outdoor work. It’s also sanitised to protect against bacteria and reduce odour.

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