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EyeTicket, the ‘Game Changer’

12 December 2023

MCR SAFETY offers an online ordering system for prescription safety eyewear; it’s called EyeTicket and for many businesses, it’s been a real ‘game-changer’.

It’s completely paperless and in just three easy steps you can raise a prescription eyewear order for an employee. You can even manage multiple teams across different sites from one single location. In these times of remote working, it could even be from your own home.

EyeTicket completely replaces the traditional paper order form. Your employee will receive all notifications via text message or email. All they need to do is book their appointment with their chosen Optician, present the text or email confirmation when they make their visit and leave the rest to the Optician.

Because there’s no paper, it’s environmentally friendly too – good news for your green credentials.

Visibility and communication

As the order is progressed, everyone involved will be updated by text or email. That communication will go to the employee, the Optician and to you so you always have clear visibility.

Traditionally with a paper-based service, you wouldn’t know if your employee had received their glasses until you received the invoice.

Manufactured and despatched within 2 to 5 working days

All protective eyewear orders placed via EyeTicket are made and dispatched within 5 working days. Less complex orders like single vision lenses can be made and despatched the same day.

Traceability, Tracking, History & Security

Every EyeTicket raised is traceable from start to finish. You can track your order all the way around MCR’s Optical Lab and back to the Optician.

Complete order history for your corporate eyewear plan is kept securely in one place and is accessible at the click of a button. You can view it at any time and there’s no need to print and file paper order forms. There’s even an advanced search options to find historic orders.

Advanced Reporting & Visibility

It can be difficult to keep track of all your employee’s prescription safety glasses orders. Do you know when sight tests are due or when your team need new eye protection? Are you continually checking paperwork or relying on the employee to remember?

EyeTicket will alert you when action is needed. At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive an email summary of every EyeTicket raised in the previous month. This is flexible, if you want more regular reports, you can have them weekly or even daily!

This advanced reporting facility gives you the visibility you need to monitor sight tests and new prescription safety glasses for your entire team. All the information you need in one place for quick, easy and convenient reference.

How is EyeTicket possible?

MCR Safety have had their own Optical Lab for over 70 years. They also have a specialist IT Team who work exclusively on developing web systems. This allows them to combine systems with manufacturing to create a completely bespoke platform for processing corporate prescription safety eyewear.

EyeTicket is a FREE Service, why not book a demonstration

Contact the MCR Safety team for a no obligation demonstration. EyeTicket is a completely free service to all their prescription safety and DSE customers.

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