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Prescription protective eyewear in a digital world

30 May 2019

MCR Safety believes the shift towards how prescription safety eyewear is delivered and managed is now the main buying consideration.

In today’s digital world, one of the biggest changes in innovation to the prescription safety eyewear market is how the service is delivered, more so than what’s used to protect the eyes, although the quality is always paramount. 

With managing a prescription safety eyewear service there was always the fear of a complicated and time-consuming process. People demand simplicity and efficient services. With this in mind, MCR Safety turned its attention to how its prescription safety eyewear programme was delivered to the market. It developed EyeTicket, a fully web-based solution that meets the following elements: simplicity, integration, traceability and control.

EyeTicket was developed as a paperless ordering solution and moving to a fully electronic service provides the customer with full history, tracking, traceability, monthly order reports, reminder service and most importantly control. Using eyewear profiles, opticians processing EyeTicket orders can only order glasses that are permitted in accordance with the customer's unique eyewear profile.

Eyewear profiles assists the optician to which frames and lenses are permitted by the organisation. This streamlines the service and reduces delivery times. 

In some cases, MCR Safety found that after demonstrating how it worked, customers instantly wanted the service without even looking at the safety frames available.

EyeTicket is accessible through over 2000 opticians branches; MCR Safety believes allowing a trained professional to ensure that both fit and vision are accurate is important to the overall package it delivers.

The optician’s network will:

  • Take all the necessary frame and lens measurements precisely 
  • Processes the order to the manufacturer (MCR Safety).
  • Fit the spectacles specifically to the individual wearer before dispensing.
  • Ensure the wearer can see clearly through all areas of vision particularly in multi-focal lenses

Not only does the optician provide the service for the sight testing and fitting, they are an employee's point of contact should an issue arise. If the optician cannot resolve the issue they are the link between the employee and MCR Safety (the manufacturer).

EyeTicket, is designed to give customers the best of both worlds for online ordering and utilising the skill and knowledge of high street opticians.