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Premium over-spec with advanced coating

14 December 2022

KARN-OTG has advanced UV-Curved (UVC) anti-mist coating, the latest coating innovation from MCR Safety. It reduces environmental impact in the manufacturing process and has enhanced performance when compared to the traditional oven baked curing process.

UVC provides benefits in performance and environmentally - here's how:

Performance - Performance is enhanced by three times for anti-mist protection. Regular thermal curing can endure 1~2 times 80˚ hot water steam test, whereas the new UVC coating can maintain no misting for up to 3 times longer.

Environment – The manufacturing process has a reduced impact on the environment compared to traditional thermal curing. It has been independently calculated that on a monthly basis, KW energy usage is reduced by around 87% and prevents up to 10,824kg CO2 entering the environment. Plus fewer chemicals are used in the anti-mist formula.

Find out more about UVC Coating

Comfortable and convenient...

This incredibly helpful over-spec is ideal for grabbing eye protection just when you need it.  You can quickly place it over your normal eyewear to block and protect against flying debris.

The UVC anti-mist coating is ideal for coping with environmental conditions and keeping your vision clear.

The attractive, panoramic unit provides wide coverage and is distortion free.  Soft TPR temple grips ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit and handy temple length adjustment gives you the flexibility to position the over-spec just where you need it.

You can find out more about this great new eye-protection product on the MCR Safety Website

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