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Environmentally friendly anti-mist eye protection

04 November 2022

MCR SAFETY has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of protective eyewear for over 60 years. They develop frames and lens technologies to achieve maximum performance and safety for wearers.

With this level of experience and expertise it is possible to develop new coatings to help overcome different environmental factors and industrial conditions such as misting on the lens.

Industry First for MCR Safety

MCR Safety has recently introduced an advanced Ultraviolet Light Cured coating know as UV-Curved or UVC for short. It’s the latest technology designed to combat the age-old problem of lens misting. It’s the first of its kind and completely unique to MCR, they’re proud to say that it’s’ an industry first.

It offers greatly enhanced performance when compared to the traditional oven baked curing process and above all it has huge environmental benefits.

It has been proven that performance is enhanced by an impressive three times for anti-mist protection compared to other traditional methods. Regular thermal curing can endure 1-2 times 80˚ hot water steam test, whereas MCR Safety’s UVC coating can maintain no misting for up to three times longer!

Environmentally it's great too; KW energy usage is reduced by around 54% and CO2 emissions by around 10,824kg, fewer chemicals are used in the formula and eyewear packaging has been minimised.

MCR Safety is making the switch to UVC for all their anti-mist coatings. Look out for the leaf symbol on the lens and on the packaging to see where you can benefit from this new coating innovation.

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