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Can your safety showers survive the cold?

08 December 2022

WITH WINTER quickly approaching, ensuring that your emergency safety equipment can withstand the steep drop in temperature is a must. Water can freeze in the standpipe, rendering the unit inoperable.

If your safety showers and eye baths are not functional in the event of an emergency, this poses further danger to the casualty and significant fines and/or imprisonment can be imposed.

Are your units frost-protected? If the feed pipes are exposed to cold ambient temperatures with no protection water could freeze before it reaches the shower. Not only can this cause damage to the shower but will also render it unusable in the event of an emergency.

Trace tape heated products protect the pipework from frost in temperatures down to -25C. For extreme freezing temperatures, immersion heated models such as the STD-MH-15KS/11KS ensure water within the pipework is protected in ambient conditions down to -35C.

The STD-TC-100K/45G has a 300-litre tank and 3kW heater with a thermostatically controlled mixing valve to ensure the delivery of tepid water. Designed to remain on standby to deliver warm water for over 15 minutes, conforming to European and ANSI standards, the temperature-controlled model is intended for use in low ambient temperatures. This unit can also be used to feed heated water to other showers in the vicinity.

Sites without a constant or reliable water supply can benefit from Hughes’ heated tank showers for cold climates. For extreme conditions, the polar tank shower also features folding doors with a double-skinned fibreglass insulated cubicle to protect the user from the external elements while the shower is in use, providing protection in ambient temperatures as low as -50C with internal heaters.

Regular servicing can identify any problems with your safety equipment and resolve ongoing maintenance problems to ensure that your showers and eye baths are not just operational but also comply to European and international standards. Hughes recommend servicing at least once per year to maintain this essential equipment and ensure it is functional in an emergency.

Hughes provide self-contained mobile safety showers for short or long-term hire if your permanent models are out of action due to damage or maintenance. For compliance with international and EU standards, our 1200L immersion heated model is capable of providing a flow of tepid water for over 15 minutes at a rate of 76 litres per minute. The STD-40K/45G is available with an immersion heated jacket to ensure protection against the elements.

Hughes strives to provide the correct safety solutions for your site, regardless of the challenges. If you have an enquiry or wish to discuss your requirements with our experts, contact us using our online form today.