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Shower cooler wins award for innovation

17 October 2019

The Hughes Zero Power Cooler for emergency tank showers has won the Energy Industry Council (EIC) award for Innovation. It was also a finalist in the categories Technology and Collaboration.

The award ceremony in London celebrated the successes of EIC member companies through the Survive and Thrive Awards. Kiran Damji, product manager and Kevin Whalley, head of sales, represented Hughes at this special event.

The passive cooling system for emergency tank showers was designed and developed in collaboration with Celantel. The Hughes Zero Power Cooler requires no power, maintenance or servicing. Night-time ambient temperature is used to maintain the daytime temperature of the water, ensuring the delivery of safe and tepid water. Using a tank shower fitted with this cooler allows safety showers to be provided in areas that do not have a reliable power source or water supply, such as well-heads or new exploration sites.

“As an industry leader, we are looked to for long-term viable solutions for our customers. This has and will help us move forward with the demands and needs of the market. We can now provide safe, tepid water in locations where this was previously impossible. And to top things off we have just received our first order of two units for a site in Iraq,” says Kiran Damji.

The EIC is a not-for-profit organisation with a membership of over 650 UK-registered companies who deliver goods and services to the energy industries worldwide. The EIC National Awards recognise the work done by EIC members to grow and flourish both at home and abroad. Winning companies demonstrated how they have successfully adapted and implemented one or more of these strategies to remain competitive and grow in the current challenging economic climate.