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Hughes Safety Showers Limited


Hughes Safety Showers are Europe’s largest manufacturer of emergency safety showers and eye/face wash equipment for all industries and environments, whatever the climate or local hazard.

The complexity and diversity of modern industry has created a wide range of hazards. Protecting the safety of your workforce is paramount. Hughes can offer a range of safety showers for indoors; outdoors, even in freezing conditions; mobile units to act as a secondary measure or to supplement plumbed in safety showers; tank showers able to provide tepid water without a mains water supply and much more.

We celebrated 50 years of manufacturing excellence in 2018, you’re in safe hands with Hughes Safety Showers.

To learn more visit www.hughes-safety.com or follow us on Twitter @HughesSafety



Safety showers for hire

Hughes Safety Showers has increased their hire fleet of emergency safety showers.

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Outdoor Emergency Safety Showers

The range of Freeze-Protected Outdoor Emergency Safety Showers are for use in climates where there is a possibility of the water inside the shower freezing.

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PPE Decontamination Showers

These models not only provide effective health and safety measures, compliant to current legislation, but also preserve and prolong the lifetime use of costly PPE.

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Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Showers

Vital for standby use where no water supply is available, to supplement plumbed in models or when existing safety showers are undergoing maintenance.

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Emergency Eye/Face Wash Equipment

Intended for indoor use, these plumbed-in and self-contained (portable) models are engineered to be quick and easy to operate in an emergency.

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Temperature Controlled Emergency Safety Showers

Intended for outdoor or indoor use in low temperatures and designed to be on standby to deliver tepid water for over 15 minutes.

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Emergency Response Solutions

Whether you are considering equipment for responder, mass decontamination in an emergency or to train emergency response personnel, Hughes offer a range of products.

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