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Spritz of safety to fragrance manufacturing

08 December 2022

THE MANUFACTURING process for cologne and perfumes involves delicate extraction and mixing of several compounds, some can cause harm to workers if mishandled. Providing workers with the appropriate safety equipment in the event of an emergency is vital to prevent lasting harm.

In the event of a chemical spill, workers can treat an affected body part using a Hughes unheated indoor shower which exceeds the recommended 15 minutes of water that must be provided to meet EN and ANSI standards. For sites that struggle to maintain a tepid water range, the STD-TC-100KS/45G unit has a 300L integral heated water tank to maintain a water temperature between 20-25C.

It is not just the production process that presents dangers to workers, as transporting the finished product is also a particularly delicate procedure. In the event of a spill, ingestion or excess amounts of perfume contacting the skin can lead to perfume poisoning. Perfume poisoning can cause an affected person to suffer symptoms such as confusion and dizziness, followed by vomiting and slurred speech. To mitigate this risk, tank showers positioned at the site of loading can allow a casualty to immediately flush the site and minimise the amount of perfume absorbed by the skin. The tank-fed system also means that a constant water supply is not required for the unit to operate and can therefore add more versatility to positioning.

To discuss the requirements of your site and find the appropriate solution for your workers, contact Hughes today.