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Spare parts from Hughes

20 February 2024

TO ENSURE correct functionality throughout the lifetime of your Hughes safety shower or eye wash, it is important to establish a regular maintenance routine.

Weekly visual inspections and activation, along with an annual service will ensure compliance to the EN15154 and ANSI Z358.1-2014 standards. In addition, some components of your equipment have parts that should be replaced at regular intervals for hygienic and proper operation.

Hughes recommend replacing eye wash diffusers every six months. Perhaps you have a combination safety shower, a wall mounted eye bath and an outdoor pedestal mounted eye bath to maintain, in which case it makes sense to keep stock on site. Its eye wash kits contain 10 aerated diffusers and a diffuser key to aid replacement. 

Do you use Hydroclenz within the water tank of your emergency tank shower or self-contained eye wash unit? If so, it is worth noting the recommended lifetime of this product is three years. Hydroclenz provides constant protection against infestations of pathogenic bacteria in water treatment systems and so should be replaced as advised.

Hughes components are built to last, but accidents happen. Any damage to a safety shower or eye wash should be rectified immediately to ensure it’s not out of action for an extended period. Whether it's a cracked eye wash bowl, a replacement valve, or a new immersion heater, contact Hughes for a quotation. If necessary, you can schedule a visit from Hughes experienced service engineers to install the part if you are unable to do so.

For more information, visit www.hughes-safety.com