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Emergency safety showers for hire

19 August 2020

Emergency safety showers must be situated within 20 metres of a hazard.

Crucial seconds lost after exposure to a toxic substance could lead to serious injury or damage to eyesight. Hughes offer a wide range of safety showers and eye/face washes for all environments to help you protect the safety of your workforce. 

For short term projects you may not want to commit to purchasing a safety shower. Or perhaps you need an emergency safety shower during your annual maintenance shutdown? Three of our models are available to hire whether it's for a week, a month or a year.

  • The STD-J-40K/45G Mobile Self-Contained  Emergency Safety Shower is ideal as a secondary measure to supplement your permanent safety showers. This model is easy to manoeuvre and suitable for towing, its adjustable wheel-spacing means it can fit through a standard door opening.

  • If you require a larger capacity mobile unit consider the STD-MH-P-1200L Mobile Self-Contained Heated Emergency Safety Shower. This ANSI compliant models features an integral immersion heater to maintain the water at a tepid temperature and provides a continuous flow of water for 15 minutes. The unit can be transported behind a suitable vehicle using the towing hitch provided.

  • For situations where tepid water, a constant water supply or sufficient water pressure are unavailable, we offer the EXP-MH-14K/350 Immersion heated 350 litre emergency tank shower. The integral immersion heater maintains water at a tepid temperature whilst a panic bar or optional foot panel allow instant activation.

You won’t need to worry about servicing, if you rent long-term Hughes will service the emergency safety shower every 6 months, as per European and international standards. We do recommend you perform weekly activation tests as per the installation and maintenance instructions attached to the unit.

Hughes will ensure swift delivery or you have the option to collect the units yourself from our Stockport site.

Protecting the safety of your workforce at all times is essential, if you need an emergency safety shower without committing to a purchase consider hiring from Hughes.

Contact us today for pricing and availability.