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Servicing emergency safety showers

02 February 2018

Hughes Safety Showers provides its top three reasons to regularly service emergency safety showers and eye wash units.

1. Help meet EU and International standards

EU and International standards require weekly testing of safety showers and eye wash station inspection as well as annual servicing. 

Weekly flush tests clear the piping of any stagnant water, allowing fresh portable water to flow through the pipes. Annual servicing is a more detailed check of the safety shower, eye wash and all associated equipment. Operation of heaters and chillers must be verified. Trace tape heating and insulation should be inspected and defects repaired. Even the flow pattern and rate should be confirmed against international standards such as the ANSI/ISEA Z 358.1-2014.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for employees. Safety regulators impose significant fines for violations of standards and prosecutions can lead to prison sentences.

2. It's vital to take into account seasonal changes

Although the ANSI standard only requires one annual safety shower and eye wash station service, it is important to consider changes in season. As winter kicks in, the atmospheric temperatures drop below freezing in many locations. Defects in lagging will lead to frozen pipes and an inoperable safety shower. Checks must be made to ensure the heating is working correctly and the power supply to the equipment is functioning. On the other hand, chillers that are not operating at full efficiency will not cope with the excessively high summer temperatures in other regions.

It is advisable to put in place six monthly services to ensure showers and eye washes are ready to use in an emergency.

3. A basic requirement in regular preventive maintenance

Hughes emergency safety showers and eye washes are provided with a 12-month warranty covering workmanship and product defects. There are also many operating condition influences that affect the working of the equipment and its longevity.

Safety shower and eye wash inspection checklists should include verification that:

  • Water flow begins within one second of activation.
  • Water flow continues without the use of the operator’s hand.
  • Water temperature is in the tepid range of 16-38 ˚C (60-100 ˚F).
  • Tanks are clean and water levels are full in the case of emergency tank showers.

Hughes offers service contracts on a three monthly, six monthly or annual cycle. Qualified personnel will keep your safety showers and eye washes in perfect working order.