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PPE damp down system

02 July 2015

Everyday Hazmat suits defend their inhabitants from a variety or harmful materials.

However, when it’s time to take the Hazmat suit off how do you remove full body PPE without risking exposure to the very chemicals you were trying to protect against? The answer is PPE damp down - the process of decontaminating protective equipment prior to its removal. This protects the wearer from risking contamination when undressing and it also helps to contain and control the contaminants with which the wearer has been working. This is achieved primarily by controlling the wash off from the decontamination process.

Decontamination and shower nozzle technology specialist Hughes Safety Showers not only designs but manufactures its PPE damp down units. Hughes offers a range of PPE damp down showers in both wall mounted and walk through designs which are made from the highest quality glass reinforced plastic and stainless steel. With optional extras such as chemical dosing units to accurately mix detergents and attachable hoses and brushes, the decontamination process can be made as quick and effective as possible.

Additional PVC strip screens and large drainage sumps can be added to make containing and disposing of the contaminated waste water an easy and environmentally friendly process.